you love to row it has become second nature n.
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7 Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Rowing Vacation PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Rowing Vacation

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7 Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Rowing Vacation

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7 Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Rowing Vacation

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  1. You love to row. It has become second nature. But now you want to get more out of the skills you have. So why not plan a vacation around rowing? We already travel great distances to races, so why not take that one step further and make it a vacation. This is what we have learned in planning a vacation: 1. Location Location, they say with regards to property, is everything and planning a trip location is key. You want to race with the right people or you want to travel from place to place and stay in the right hotel with the best access each night. Finding the right place for each overnight is a real challenge. We found selecting suitable locations within the right rowing distance between towering waterfalls, mountains and cliffs especially hard when planning our Norway Fjords trip. But we did it! 2. Details The devil is in the detail as they say! Logistics is everything especially if you are touring. Moving your gear or people to the next stop, getting the boat trailer to the next venue, locating your entry and exit point is crucial but not the best bit of the holiday for most! Having the right equipment for changing water conditions can make, or break, the holiday. If

  2. you are racing, make sure your accommodation is close to the course allowing for different race times for different crews such as the Heineken Roeivierkamp, where each crew will race 4 times in the weekend. Did you know that? We did! 3. Race and enjoy a vacation too Plan a vacation abroad and make it a rowing race vacation, two for the price of one! For instance, turn an exciting race into a city break in Turin (Inverno Su Po), Bruges (Brugge Head), Amsterdam (Heineken) or London (Head of the River) Row at the Coastal World Championships in Hong Kong and turn your entry into an exotic oriental adventure. You can take your non-rowing partner with you and they can have a great experience too! We know! We’ve done it!

  3. 4. Venture beyond the pond Experience new waters and new challenges. Don’t always row in the same races, same venues. Why not challenge yourself to row down the Thames or race a marathon on Loch Ness? Plan a pleasure trip along the coast, seeing the sights and wildlife on offer. We’ve been there! 5. Using Row Tours or going yourself Rowing involves special equipment and challenging logistics. You’ll need a back-up crew or miss out on all the fun. Numbers are important when transporting the boats to a race in a faraway place as trailering is expensive. A specialist Rowing Tour operator will make sure you have all the fun with none of the hassle. Just turn up, row and have fun. We can take the hassle!

  4. 6. Choosing the right tour Is the tour going to challenge you at the right level? Will it pack the punch you are looking for? Will your operator offer trips beyond the river? Is it aimed at people like you? We’ve got lots to choose from and offer to tailor your bespoke trip! 7. Value for money Rowing trips can look expensive at first sight. But you need specialist knowledge, equipment management, accommodation nous, coaching advice, expert back-up support and personal service. All done with a smile! Pete Wells,

  5. Contact US: Get into rowing and feel the benefit! Contact us if you want to give this great sport a try: solo, in groups, or as a corporate day out! Address: 54 Hackwood Park, Hexham, Northumberland, UK, NE461AZ Email: Phone: +447521896788 Website: Follow US On Social: Twitter: Facebook: