7 essentials of good closet design n.
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7 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Closet PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Closet

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Closet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Designing a closet can be overwhelming if you haven’t thought about essential elements like space planning, lighting, etc. Here’s what you should know before you hire a designer. For more information on home storage solutions, visit https://jlclosets.com

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7 essentials of good closet design

7 Essentials

Of Good Closet Design

proper use of space

Proper Use of Space

  • Don’t waste space – you may not need it now, but probably will in the future
  • Decide on a good ratio of hanging space to drawers and shelves


  • Serves functional purpose as well as creating a positive mood
  • It should come from a variety of angles
key item placement

Key Item Placement

  • A good design makes it easy for you to reach your clothing with ease
  • Use space near the ceiling for rarely used items
  • Frequently used items should be readily accessible
  • Shoes and a bench are best located by the door


  • Chair – a loveseat or ottoman is perfect
  • Island – To keep drawers, safes and more
  • TV, refrigerator, watch winder and more


  • Helps pull together a complete design with full functionality
  • Enhances visual appeal, especially at the end of the room
  • Go for a full length mirror for store-like experience
other elements

Other Elements

  • Flooring is important - choices include wood,
  • carpet, etc.
  • Room temperature & ventilation to prevent mold and mildew
  • Cabinetry color – choose palette that matches the style of the house
choosing a designer

Choosing A Designer

  • Preview work
  • Ask for referrals
  • Experience and expertise
  • Where are the pieces built – in-house or imported?
looking for home storage solutions contact

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