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Using PowerPoint

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Using PowerPoint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using PowerPoint. Patricia Kwan. A Presentation Consists of Slides. Use Master Slide for repeating objects, or common look-and-feel You can have a series of slides Slides can have details Or sub details Use the tab key to indent sub-details Three types of slide layouts: Text for text

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Using PowerPoint

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    1. Using PowerPoint Patricia Kwan Business 91L

    2. A Presentation Consists of Slides • Use Master Slide for repeating objects, or common look-and-feel • You can have a series of slides • Slides can have details • Or sub details • Use the tab key to indent sub-details • Three types of slide layouts: • Text for text • Content for all graphics • Other for a single type of graphic Business 91L

    3. Clip Art • You can add clip art to your presentation. • You can add charts and graphs also. Business 91L

    4. Pictures • You can copy and paste pictures from the web, or your own photograph. • Or you can use alt-print-screen to copy a web-page. • You can also provide a link to view a Web site. • You can also use a picture as a background for your slide. (Background -> Fill Effects; select Picture tab) Business 91L

    5. Other features • Place repeating objects in a Slide Master • company logo • slide numbers • a footer (View -> Header and Footer; see Slide tab) • date and time (Insert -> Data and Time …) • Control-G to show grid and guides • Control-K to set hyperlink • File -> Send To -> MS Word to create handouts Business 91L

    6. Slide Sorter View • The slide sorter view lets you rearrange the order of slides. • You can hide slides here. • You have a useful toolbar here for creating effects. Business 91L

    7. Animation effects • You can add motion to your presentation • By clicking a button, your text can move into the slide in various ways • The toolbar on the Slide Show view has many options Business 91L

    8. Transition Effects • You can change the way new slides appear. • Using Transitions changes the way new slides appear. • Transition effects can be added from a toolbar in the Slide Sorter view. Business 91L

    9. Creating Summary Slide • You can create a summary slide. • First select all the slides (containing slide title) in Sorter view • Then create your summary slide by using the Summary Slide icon, or Alt-Shift-S • Then move it to where you want it • place it at the beginning to highlight topics that will be covered during the presentation; or • place it as the end to recap your presentation at the closing Business 91L

    10. Displaying your slides • To display your presentation, select the Slide Show View. • This automatically generates the first slide. • You click to move forward in the presentation. • The arrow keys on the keyboard will move you back and forth between slides. Business 91L

    11. Moving between slides • You can also change slides using the Page Up and Page Down keys. • Another way is to use the keyboard. Press N for next, P for previous. • There is also an automatic timer you can set to move between slides for you. Business 91L

    12. More on Showing slides • You can end a presentation early by pressing the Escape key. • You can create a highlighting/drawing tool by pressing Control-P. You turn this off by pressing Control-A. Highlighting ends when you move to another slide. • You can temporarily black (or white) out the presentation by pressing Shift-B (or Shift-W). Press Escape key to resume. Business 91L

    13. New Feature in PowerPoint 2003 • File -> Package for CD … • Package presentations and all of supporting files, including linked files, and automatically run your presentations from CD or folder. • The updated Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer (runs on Windows 98 or later) is included. • Can show presentation in a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint installed. Business 91L

    14. Summary Slide • Using PowerPoint • A Presentation Consists of Slides • Clip Art • Pictures • Other features • Slide Sorter View • Animation effects • Transition Effects Business 91L

    15. Summary Slide (cont.) • Creating Summary Slide • Displaying your slides • Moving between slides • More on Showing slides • New Feature in PowerPoint 2003 Business 91L