Using moodle for language learning
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Using Moodle for Language Learning. Stephanie Lint-P é rez DeWitt High S chool Dewitt, M ichigan MWLA Presentation Agenda. What is Moodle? What can it do for you? “Blended Course” Management Proficiency Learning What does a Moodle Class look like ?

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Using moodle for language learning

Using Moodle for Language Learning

Stephanie Lint-Pérez

DeWitt High School

Dewitt, Michigan

Mwla presentation agenda
MWLA Presentation Agenda

  • What is Moodle? What can it do for you?

  • “Blended Course” Management

    • Proficiency Learning

  • What does a Moodle Class look like?

    • Spanish III class example

    • Online Assignments

    • Offline assignments

  • Rich Internet Tools

    • Conversations

  • Why use Moodle?

  • Resources I often use

What is moodle
What is Moodle?

  • Course Management System

  • Open Source

  • Designed using pedagogical principles

  • Effective online learning communities

What can moodle do for you
What can Moodle do for you?

Moodle can help you to:

  • cut back on paper costs

  • present more authenticated materials

  • dig deeper into culture topics

  • connect to language and culture now

  • organize your course

  • help students who fall behind or struggle with alternative tasks

  • give quick and effective feedback to students on formative assessments

  • give your students oral language practice

Blended course management
“Blended Course” Management

  • Proficiency-Based Learning

  • New way to present material

  • Authenticated Materials

  • Organizing Material

  • Repository/Assessments

  • Communication to students

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Discussions

Using moodle s features for spanish class
Using Moodle’s Features for Spanish Class

  • Course Documents

  • Repository

    • Learning Targets, Vocabulary Lists, Grammar Packets, Lecture Notes, Power Points

  • Online Assignments

    • Journals, Chats, Forums

  • Formative Assessments

    • Exam View

  • Offline Assignments

Course documents
Course Documents

  • Syllabus Materials

  • Frequently Used Course Resources


  • Vocabulary Lists, Learning Targets, Grammar Packets

Chat and forums
Chat and Forums

  • Students can enter a safe, online chat room

    • Groups

    • Thematic Units

    • Responses to reading

    • Review for assessments

Enhanced online tools conversations
Enhanced Online Tools: Conversations


  • Use the survey feature to see how things are going

Why should you moodle
Why Should You Moodle?

  • Youwill have access to a variety of teaching and learning experiences that meet the needs of many types of learners.

  • Your students can communicate with you and with peers in a form that is very familiar to them.

  • You can use the built-in tools to quickly and easily create an online learning environment for your students.

  • You can tailor your tools and resources to fit the unique needs of each of your students.

  • Your resources can be made accessible to students and parents outside the walls of your school building.

  • It's FREE and easy to use!

Resources i use
Resources I use


  • Link to a fantastic free online pdf book which has 701 e-learning tips!!


  • Link to 100 Helpful Web Tools for every kind of learner.


  • Moodle Demo Course


  • Getting Started with Moodle for Teachers


  • MSU CLEAR'S Rich Internet Applications


Which can are you in
Which Can Are You In?

Are we each taking time to “sharpen the saw?”

We all need to be lifelong learners, and our changing technology landscape makes this clearer than ever.

We all need to be in the “sharp” can! Sharp and getting sharper!

I ll leave you with this thought

“Techies” don't necessarily make the best online instructors. An interest in pedagogy should come first, technology second.” (unknown)

Using moodle for language learning1
Using Moodle for Language Learning

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