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The Warring Nations of WWII PowerPoint Presentation
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The Warring Nations of WWII

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The Warring Nations of WWII - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Warring Nations of WWII. By: Mike Graziano. Introduction. The following lesson is to help you learn about each country that participated in the fighting of World War II.

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The Warring Nations of WWII

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  • The following lesson is to help you learn about each country that participated in the fighting of World War II.
  • Some of these nations were large and did a huge majority of the fighting while others were small and their actions in the war effort are equally small, but they still fought. And understanding what they did is important to know.
  • This will help you to better understand each country, its leaders, why, and how they went to war for either the Allies or the Axis during World War II.


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main menu
Main Menu
  • There are four different lessons on this PowerPoint: The leaders of the “Big 6,” The three turning point battles of WWII, and the World War II world overlook map. Click below on the specific link to which lesson you would like to go through.

“The Big 6”

The 3 Turning Point Battles of WWII

The Participating Countries of WWII

World War II Overlook Map

  • At the end of each lesson there will be a quiz pertaining to the information in it. Good Luck!


the big 6 leaders of wwii
“The Big 6:” Leaders of WWII
  • The Big 6 were leaders of the main six nations that participated in World War II. These men were the driving force behind a lot of what happened and shaped our world because of what they did.

These 6 nations and their leaders include:

The United States: Franklin Roosevelt

Russia: Joseph Stalin

Great Britain: Winston Churchill

Germany: Adolf Hitler

Italy: Benito Mussolini

Japan: Hideki Tojo / Emperor Hirohito


the usa franklin roosevelt
The USA: Franklin Roosevelt
  • Born: January, 30 1882 Died: April 12, 1945
  • Roosevelt was the center piece of the Allied leaders.
  • His death came as the Allied powers neared Berlin in the final days of the war.
  • He is known as being one of the last great leaders of the United States not only as a war leader, but also as a champion of bringing together a country in economic and social crisis with his “New Deal.”
  • Because of his outstanding leadership qualities, he is the only President to have been elected for four terms.


soviet union joseph stalin
Soviet Union: Joseph Stalin
  • Born: December, 18 1878 Died: March 5, 1953
  • He was a member of the “Big 3.”
  • Was considered to be the outside amongst the Allies
  • Stalin’s methods were viewed by many to be in-human and over the top in what damage he caused to his own country as well as to how he ran the war.
  • Prior to the war he started “The Great Purge” which was a political move to kill anyone who could threaten his position as the leader of the USSR; this included many army officers which crippled his military.


great britain winston churchill
Great Britain: Winston Churchill
  • Born: November, 30 1874 Died: January, 24 1965
  • Known as one of Great Britain's most important leaders.
  • Was a huge opposer to Germany’s rearmament in the 1930’s.
  • Churchill was also a writer and an amazing orator, many of his speeches are still studied today.


germany adolf hitler
Germany: Adolf Hitler
  • Born: April, 20 1889  

Died: April, 30 1945

  • Hitler with his uplifting speeches brought Germany out of depression from WWI.
  • Hitler was a master politician, and used this to take control of the country.
  • Hitler believed that the Aryan race (Northern Europeans) was supreme amongst all others around the world.


italy benito mussolini
Italy: Benito Mussolini
  • Born: July, 29 1883

Died: April, 28 1945

  • Mussolini was the creator of national socialism; the exact kind Adolf Hitler copied after visiting Mussolini.
  • The Duce, as he became nick-named had goals to “bring back the Italian Roman Empire.”
  • After the Italian were defeated in North Africa and southern Italy, Mussolini was captured and hanged.


japan hideki tojo emperor hirohito
Japan: Hideki Tojo / Emperor Hirohito
  • Although Emperor Hirohito was the true leader of the country; he was a figurehead.
  • The real man in control was Hideki Tojo; Japan’s militaristic mentality lead him and his accomplices to take control of the country and its policies.
  • Tojo’s goals were to gain enough ground and natural resources so they did not need to depend upon the west for anything.
  • This ultimately led to their demise when they went to war with the US.


the big 6 quiz
“The Big 6” Quiz

Question 1

  • Which leader wanted to bring back the “Italian Roman Empire?”

A. Emperor Hirohito

B. Winston Churchill

C. Benito Mussolini


oh no s
Oh No’s!
  • Nay

Hirohito wasn’t the guy for this question.



Nope not this guy!

Although the British had a huge Empire that spanned the entire globe they were not the Romans.



You got it!

The funny fact behind this was the fact that Mussolini didn’t get very much organized in Italy. He did however get the trains to run on time.


the big 6 quiz16
“The Big 6” Quiz

Question 2

  • Which leader died right when the Allies were nearing Berlin?
  • Winston Churchill

B. Franklin Roosevelt

C. Adolf Hitler


Nope not this guy!

He was far away at the time and nowhere near Berlin; plus he still had good health.


right o
  • You guessed it right!; Roosevelt died just before the Allies made their final push into Berlin. This was a huge blow to the moral of the Allied forces however they moved on under the new leadership of Harry Truman.


so close yet so far
So close yet so far
  • Hitler did kill himself just after the Allies entered Berlin; so he is not the man we are looking for.


the big 6 quiz20
“The Big 6” Quiz

Question 3

  • Under which of these leaders did the largest number of people from their nation, both military and none military, die?
  • Adolf Hitler

B. Franklin Roosevelt

C. Joseph Stalin

kind of but not really
Kind of but not really
  • Some would argue that Hitler did kill almost uncountable numbers of people from Germany but he actually caused the Holocaust that gathered people from all over Europe.


isn t this guy
Isn’t this guy
  • Roosevelt isn’t even near to the other two men who caused nearly 1/8 of the worlds population to be executed.


this is him
This is him
  • Joseph Stalin killed thousands of his own people as well as used the Army in a way that caused it to “grind up” its personnel. Also, Hitler did have a part by killing people of a “lower” ethnic class in his views, but at the same time the nation they came from was without a doubt the Soviet Union.


the 3 turning point battles
The 3 Turning Point Battles
  • In 1942; the war was reaching its pinnacle.
  • The Allies and the Axis had been in a fierce struggle since 1939 and now a few key battles were coming up that would decide the course of the war in North Africa, the Pacific Campaign, and the Russian front.


north africa el alamein
North Africa: El Alamein
  • El Alamein was the decisive battle in the North African campaign. Erwin Rommel and Bernard Montgomery met at the small train station to decide the fate of the campaign.
  • This section of the world was vital since the Axis forces wanted to find a way to get to the rich oil fields of the Middle East while cutting the British off from their colonies.
  • Interactive battle map below (picture)

<Click <me!

Result: Led to Allied victory in campaign


pacific theatre midway

Result: Allied halt of Japanese advance

Pacific Theatre: Midway
  • The battle of Midway was the planned invasion of the American held Midway island by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • The battle however turned into a “Who can find who first” game of aircraft carriers. The US won.
  • Although out-numbered and outgunned, the US Navy defeated the Japanese by sinking 3 out of 4 carriers while only losing one of their own.


eastern front stalingrad
Eastern Front: Stalingrad
  • The City was originally named Volgograd until Stalin renamed it mid-battle to inspire the troops. It became a personal debacle between Hitler and Stalin himself for control of the city.
  • The city was not really important besides what lay beyond it: the bread basket of the current day Ukraine and then deeper into the heart of Russian and a step closer to Hitler’s goal: Moscow.


Result: Destruction of Axis moral

3 turning point battles quiz
3 Turning Point Battles Quiz

Question 1

  • Which of these battles was the only one in which the Americans actually fought in it?

A. Midway

B. Stalingrad

C. El Alamein


you got it
You got it!
  • Although the Americans participated slightly in North Africa, at El Alamein they were the main Allied force that defeated the IJN at the Battle of Midway.


nice try
Nice Try
  • The Americans did give the Russians planes, trucks, and other equipment however they did not fight in the battle of Stalingrad. That was all the Russians.


  • El Alamein was not the right battle; although it is certain that the Americans did give the British and her allies large amounts of equipment.


3 turning point battles quiz32
3 Turning Point Battles Quiz

Question 2

  • Which of these battles occurred at a location that had no real strategic value, but instead became a personal issue between two leaders?

A. El Alamein

B. Midway

C. Stalingrad


  • El Alamein was a small location and didn’t have any real value however there was no personal matter between the leaders of the countries that fought there.


not it
Not it
  • Midway had a lot of strategic value due to its “mid” location in the pacific ocean between Japan and the United States; hence the name.


that s it
That’s It
  • At Stalingrad, the Russians and the Germans fought each other over control of a city that’s only true value was a name that was put on it. It became a personal matter between Hitler and Stalin to hold or gain control of the city.


3 turning point battles quiz36
3 Turning Point Battles Quiz

Question 3

  • Which of these battles would lead to the ending of a campaign and the start of the Italian theatre of war?

A. El Alamein

B. Stalingrad

C. Midway


great job
Great Job!
  • El Alamein led to the entire collapse of the North African front; and with Operation Torch (The American invasion of western Africa) the Axis powers were pinned into a corner and were forced to retreat.


not it38
Not it
  • Stalingrad led to the eventually defeat at Kursk and then the battle pushed its way all the way into German held territory and eventually Berlin.


definitely no
Definitely no
  • Midway wasn’t even on the same side of the world as Italy. So it couldn’t be that one, try again.



World War II Overlook Map

The following is a world map depicting the locations of countries, their interests, and major battles over the course of the war.

The Axis Powers

The Allied Powers

panzerlied lyrics
Panzerlied Lyrics

Whether it storms or snows,

Whether the sun smiles upon us,

The day glowing hot

Or the night freezing cold.

Dusty are our faces,

But happy we're at heart,

We're at heart,

As our tank roars,

In the stormwind along.

With thundering engines,

Fast like the lightning,

Towards the enemy,

Within our armoured tank.

Ahead of our comrades,

In battle we stand alone,

Yes, we stand alone,

That's how we thrust deep,

Into the enemy ranks.

  • When before us,An enemy tank appears,Full throttle is givenAnd we close in on the enemy!What does then our life matterFor the army of our state?
  • Yes, to the army of our state?To die for Germany,Is our highest honour.With obstacles and minesThe foe blocks our path,We laugh at themAnd pass them by.And before us threaten his guns,Half-hidden in the yellow sand,
  • Yes, in the yellow sand,We find a path for ourselves,That no one else has found.
  • And if we're left in the gutter,By disloyal luck some day,And if we don't return,Back to our homeland again,If a bullet strikes us down,If fate calls upon us,
  • Yes, calls on us,Then our tank will be,A hero's grave to us!


united states national anthem lyrics
United States’ National Anthem Lyrics

Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light,What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming.Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wavefor the land of the free and the home of the brave!


ussr s national anthem lyrics
USSR’s National Anthem Lyrics

Russia — our sacred stronghold,

Russia — our beloved country.

A mighty will, a great glory —

Your heritage for all time!

Be glorious, our free Fatherland,

Ancient union of brotherly nations,

Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!

Be glorious, country! We take pride in


From the southern seas to the polar


Spread our forests and our fields.

You are the only one in the world! You

are the only one of a kind —

Native land protected by God!

A broad expanse for dreams and for lives

Is opened to us by the coming years.

Our devotion to our Fatherland gives us


So it was, so it is, and so it will always



great britain s national anthem lyrics
Great Britain’s National Anthem Lyrics
  • From every latent foe,From the assassins blow,God save the Queen!O'er her thine arm extend,For Britain's sake defend,Our mother, prince, and friend,God save the Queen!In love's endearments fond,In wedlock's holy bond,Blest be our Queen.In her blest progeny,We future Monarchs see,Of England bold and free,God save the Queen!Lord let wars' tempest cease;Fold the whole world in peaceUnder thy wings.Make all the nations one;All hearts beneath the sun;Till Thou shalt reign alone;Great King of Kings.

God save our gracious Queen,Long live our noble Queen,God save the Queen!Send her victorious,Happy and Glorious,Long to reign over us;God save the Queen!O Lord our God arise,Scatter her enemiesAnd make them fall;Confound their politics,Frustrate their knavish tricks,On Thee our hopes we fix,Oh, save us all!Thy choicest gifts in storeOn her be pleased to pour;Long may she reign;May she defend our laws,And ever give us causeTo sing with heart and voice,God save the Queen!Not in this land alone,But be God's mercies known,From shore to shore!Lord make the nations see,That men should brothers be,And form one family,The wide world over


germany s national anthem lyrics ww2
Germany’s National Anthem Lyrics (WW2)

The flag high! The ranks tightly closed! SA marches with a brave, firm pace. Comrades whom Red Front and Reaction shot dead March in spirit within our ranks. [Make] The street free for the brown battalions; [Make] The street free for the SA man! Already millions are looking to the swastika, full of hope; The day of freedom and bread is dawning. Chargealert has sounded for the last time! We are all prepared for the fight/We are all willing to fight! Soon Hitler-flags will flutter over all barricades. Our servitude will not last much longer now! The flag high! The ranks tightly closed! SA marches with a calm, firm pace. Comrades whom Red Front and Reaction shot dead March in spirit within our ranks.


italy s national anthem lyrics ww2
Italy’s National Anthem Lyrics (WW2)
  • Let us unite and love one another;For union and loveReveal to peoplesThe way of the LordLet us swear to freeOur native soil;If we are united under God,Who can conquer us?Let us gather in legions,Ready to die!Italy has called!From the Alps to Sicily,Everywhere it is Legnano;Every man has the heart and hand of Ferruccio.The children of ItalyAre all called Balilla;Every trumpet blastSounds the (Sicilian) Vespers.Let us gather in legions,Ready to die!Italy has called!
  • Mercenary swordsAre feeble reeds,And the Austrian eagleHas lost his plumes.This eagle that drunk the bloodof Italy and Poland,together with the Cossack,But this has burned his gut.Let us gather in legions,Ready to die!Italy has called!
  • Italian brothers,Italy has arisen,With Scipio's helmetbinding her head.Where is Victory?Let her bow down, For God has made herThe slave of Rome.Let us gather in legions,Ready to die!Italy has called!We for centuriesHave been downtrodden and derided,Because we are not a people,Because we are divided.Let one flag, one hopeBring us together;The hour has struckFor us to join forces.Let us gather in legions,Ready to die!Italy has called!


japan s national anthem lyrics ww2
Japan’s National Anthem Lyrics (WW2)
  • Thousands of years of happy reign be thine; Rule on, my lord, till what are pebbles now By age united to mighty rocks shall grow Who's venerable sides the moss doth line.


boogie woogie bugel boy lyrics
Boogie Woogie Bugel Boy Lyrics

Toot toot toot-diddelyada, Toot-diddelyada, toot-tootHe blows it eight-to-the-bar He can't blow a note if the bass and guitar isn't with 'im ha-ha-hand the company jumps when he plays reveille He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B He puts the boys to sleep with boogie every night And wakes 'em up the same way in the early bright They clap their hands and stamp their feet Because they know how he plays when someone gives him a beat He really breaks it up when he plays reveille He's boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B Dat-da da-do-do da-dupDat-da da-do-do da-dupDat-da da-do-do da-dupDat-da da-do-do da-dupha-ha-hand the company jumps when he plays reveille He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B

  • He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way He had a boogie style that no one else could play He was the top man at his craft But then his number came up and he was gone with the draft He's in the army now, a-blowin' reveille He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B They made him blow a bugle for his Uncle Sam It really brought him down because he couldn't jam The captain seemed to understand Because the next day the cap' went out and drafted a band And now the company jumps when he plays reveille He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B A-toot, a-toot, a-toot-diddelyada-toot He blows it eight-to-the-bar, in boogie rhythm He can't blow a note unless the bass and guitar is playin' with 'im He makes the company jump when he plays reveille He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B He was some boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B And when he plays the boogie woogie bugle he was busy as a "bzzz" bee And when he plays he makes the company jump eight-to-the-bar He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B