Epithelial tissue lab
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Epithelial Tissue Lab. Examples of images and other useful information!. Human Skin - Normal. Lumen = Open Space Stratified Squamous Epithelium – Keratinized Basement Membrane Connective Tissue. Normal Skin vs. Skin Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma).

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Epithelial tissue lab

Epithelial Tissue Lab

Examples of images


other useful information!

Human skin normal
Human Skin - Normal

Lumen = Open Space

Stratified Squamous Epithelium – Keratinized

Basement Membrane

Connective Tissue

Normal skin vs skin cancer squamous cell carcinoma
Normal Skin vs. Skin Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma)

Squamous cells are growing “down” into the connective tissue.

Problem = Inadequate blood supply to all epithelial tissue.

Human lung alveoli
Human Lung - Alveoli

Simple Squamous Epithelial Tissue

Lumen = Air Space

Capillary = small blood vessel

Basement Membrane = to small to see!

Human lung emphysema
Human Lung - Emphysema

Alveoli (SSE) have broken open, enlarging the lumen (air space)

Problem:Less surface area for O2 and CO2 exchange.

Human kidney normal
Human Kidney- Normal

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium – allows for filtration of water and salts.

Lumen – collecting duct for excess water and salts.

Basement Membrane

Connective Tissue (very little)

Kidney carcinoma various types
Kidney Carcinoma – Various Types

Irregular growth of epithelial cells or connective tissue.

Problem:Ducts are improperly formed, leading to poor filtration of water, waste and salts.

Human aorta normal
Human Aorta - Normal

Simple Squamous Epithelium – Provides smooth surface on interior of artery.

Lumen – inside of blood vessel

Basement membrane

Smooth Muscle Tissue

Connective Tissue

Artery atherosclerosis
Artery - Atherosclerosis

Plaque and cholesterol are stored under the SSE.

Problems:Narrows artery, leaves interior of artery rough and decrease elasticity of artery.