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The RotoExperts Vision

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The RotoExperts Vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RotoExperts is a rapidly-growing hub of advice, information and resources for both the fantasy sports participant and other companies in the industry looking to supplement and improve their existing offerings.

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The RotoExperts Vision

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who we are

RotoExperts is a rapidly-growing hub of advice, information and resources for both the fantasy sports participant and other companies in the industry looking to supplement and improve their existing offerings.

our space the fantasy gaming world

Fantasy “sports” are interactive games in which you select a required number of professional athletes and receive points for their real-life performances. In its simplest form, a fantasy game can be one where you and some friends “draft”, or select a dozen pro basketball players. Every time each of these players scores a 2 point basket during the season, you are awarded two points. At the end of the season, whichever fantasy player has the most combined points from all its players is the winner.

This “most points” basketball-style concept can be applied in other sports, such as touchdowns for pro football, or home runs in baseball. Many fantasy games use several statistical categories to expand on this basic concept. Even in its most basic form, though, real-life statistics are not generated randomly, and these are not games of chance.

our space the fantasy gaming world4

Fantasy sports is not gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 determined that fantasy results reflect knowledge and skill of participants and are based on accumulated statistics by individual athletes, and are not based on the score, point-spread or any performance of a single real-world individual or team. You must be knowledgeable or gain knowledge of individual players and trends to effectively compete in fantasy sports.

RotoExperts steps in and helps the fantasy player decide which real-life athletes to pick for optimum statistical results. We provide this information not only on our own site, but we syndicate/sell our content to other websites that need advice and tips to pair with their games or existing content.

why we are involved

According to a June 2009 Fantasy Sports Trade Association study, there are 27 million Americans aged 12 and up playing fantasy sports. According to the FSTA study, the 27 million Americans cited generate annual revenue between $800 million and $1 billion. The average player is male, between the ages of 18 and 49 and boasts above-average income and education levels.

In 2007, the FSTA reported the average fantasy player was 41 years old, and had a household income of $95,000.

Current FSTA research determined that the industry has grown between 20 percent and 25 percent each of the last four years.

FSTA research determined that most players spend $150 per year to compete in fantasy sports.

The FSTA indicated that U.S. players spend up to nine hours a week playing in 70 million free and paid leagues (the average player belongs to 2.5 leagues).

In 2008, according to a joint research effort by the FSTA and the University of Mississippi, the total market size was estimated at more than $1.5 billion, including sponsorships, endorsements, contest management and advertising.

what we have done
  • Since our inception in early 2008, our articles and advice have been syndicated to such major sites as Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and USA Today, quicker than many other major established sites in our space. In 2009, we became a fantasy content provider for the official site of the National Football Leagues. We have established strong and potentially lucrative relationships with NASCAR and Sirius Satellite Radio and our growing reach in the fantasy industry is paving the way for many other projects and partnerships with major players in the medium. We have developed a large staff of experts in all fantasy sports that cater to all levels of players.
what we have done7
  • We have also started to develop our own unique games and we are actively seeking out other gaming partners or roll up candidates to fuse together into one powerful destination. Our staffers have worked in fantasy content and gaming at major sites such as ESPN and CBS Sports, and have both the experience and connections to further develop the best offerings.
where we want to go
  • With our established relationships in the fantasy industry and knowledge of the medium itself, we believe we are positioned to become the first “pure play” in fantasy sports. We will become the ultimate and prime destination for information on how to win your fantasy “leagues” or groups that you play in. We will also house the most in-depth and diverse suite of fantasy games in one location.
  • We want to be the “one stop shop” in a fast-growing and prolific industry. Both fantasy players and other companies will come to us for the best content, white-label gaming and offerings in both spaces to supplement their existing offerings. We will roll up the best and most practical players in the industry to create the ultimate fantasy destination for both the player and the business looking for resources.