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The Vision

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The Vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Community Internet Cafes To Reach UPGs for Jesus For security reasons no names or places are mentioned and all photographs are stock photos that are not directly related to the ministry . The Vision

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The Vision

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Using Community Internet Cafes To Reach UPGs for JesusFor security reasons no names or places are mentioned and all photographs are stock photos that are not directly related to the ministry.

the vision
The Vision
  • To establish a network of Internet cafes among UPG communities - as viable Christian businesses run by missionaries who have an entrepreneurial outlook.
  • The icafes can offer Internet access, computer courses, distance education, coffee, purified water, business services etc.
the goal
The Goal

The establishment of an incarnational church-planting movement in the UPG community.

the community internet cafe
The Community Internet Cafe
  • 21 computers – one for firewall, 20 for clients
  • Computers are donated from USA, Hong Kong, Australia
  • Located in UPG communities
  • Also have a range of other services
  • No games, no noise, Internet café to attract leaders, businessmen and students as clients.
  • At 50c per hour, 50% occupancy, can earn $1,000+ a month net profit. (Third World missionaries are happy to live on $200 a month)
  • Windows 2003 Server on server
  • Linux Thin Server Protocol
  • Donated recycled computers act as thin clients
  • Users see Windows, programs reside on server only
  • Thin clients can run on floppy or CD and be wiped clean easily, no HDD required
  • Fast server ensures quality user experience
  • Maximize memory on server – 2 GB +
  • Cuts costs as only P2 or better are needed
  • Only one Windows 2003 Server license
  • Use OpenOffice or Google Docs for docs, spreadsheeets
  • Use Open Source whenever feasible
  • Must be culturally appropriate (e.g. no Solitaire or card games in some M. nations)
  • Use filtering/blocking software to prevent access to pornography
  • Use Yahoo Mail / Gmail for email esp. now Gmail can be used for your domain
  • Replace Photoshop w. GIMP or other free alternative
  • Must be Christian compatible
  • No violent, criminal or demonic games
  • Chess, checkers, golf, soccer, educational games, Christian games, Tetris, puzzles, skill development games
  • Games may just attract 9-14 yr olds and the noise may drive away more mature customers who you want to win to Christ
  • Games can earn revenue when the Internet is down
  • Learn4Good
business services
Business Services
  • High-end HP all-in-one e.g. 7410 or better – photocopying, scanning, photo-printing etc
  • Excel / Quickbooks / Data Entry
  • Burn CDs / DVDs – separate PC or CD Burner
  • Coffee, Internet access cards, phone cards, computer accessories
communication services
Communication Services
  • VOIP / Skype / Yahoo Messenger
  • Headsets
  • Webcams / Video
  • Text to email / free text
  • Webmail
  • Communicate with relatives overseas
  • Send cash payments (working on a system for this)
educational services
Educational Services
  • Computer classes – basic Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Web Design etc
  • English Classes
  • Homework Help
  • Health & Community Information
  • Quickbooks classes
  • Computer Maintenance
training materials
Training Materials
  • These training materials are updated now and then to keep up with the latest ideas
the team
The Team
  • At least an entrepreneur, a computer technician and a ministry expert. May also include a community development person.
  • All team members must be mature Christian believers with a positive “get it done” attitude.
  • Team elects leader.
  • Being vulnerable to each other’s strengths.
  • Share revenues of icafe as income to support their ministry.
the criteria
The Criteria
  • Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Resourcefulness
  • Mature faith in Christ and personal formation.
  • Commitment to the project.
  • Heart for UPGs
  • Unity in the team
  • Financial integrity
  • Adequate technical skills
  • Adequate start-up capital and good location.
  • In or near a UPG community.
  • Near school, college or business district.
  • Preferably on the second-floor of a building with a security guard outside.
  • Clean, cool, professional environment that will appeal to premier high-paying customers.
  • Malls are an excellent location if the rent is reasonable.
the process
The Process
  • Select location
  • Select team – entrepreneur, computer tech, ministry expert
  • Take team to 6 week training course
  • Develop business plan and ministry plan
  • Test and check team
  • Sign franchise agreement & reporting arrangements
  • Set-up location – phone, DSL, etc
  • Receive computers
  • Coaching period (6 months) – solve problems, establish ministry
  • Start a house church from icafe contacts.
  • Attend annual icafe conference for upgrading and refreshing.
the importation selection committee
The Importation & Selection Committee

This committee consists of high level national leaders who can assist with:1. The process of importing the container load of computers. 2. Selecting the locations of the icafes and 3. Finding the most appropriate organizations to partner with.

isc operation
ISC Operation
  • Supervises the entire process in that nation – (see slide 9)
  • Meets at least monthly for 6 months to a year then disbands if no further importations are planned.
  • Makes the tough decisions about who gets what in the way of resources.
  • Manages the setting up of the Internet cafes and resolves problems with partner organizations.
  • Arranges for 6 week training course and the visit by a supervising staff member.
  • Is accountable to international partners and funders and must produce a final report..
isc members
ISC Members
  • National level Christian leaders with a heart for missions to unreached peoples and a positive “can-do-it” attitude.
  • Members should include: someone with high level government contacts to help with importation, a expert on the state of the work in the UPGs, a ‘logistics and shipping’ person and an expert in computer technology.
partner organizations
Partner Organizations
  • Christian missions and NGOs that apply to the ISC to receive an icafe. ISC selects from applicants.
  • Should be organizations of integrity that have a known track record working among the targeted UPGs.
  • Must supply icafe start up costs, location, phone, Internet connection etc. Need about $1500 per icafe in capital.
  • Partners supply the staff for the icafes – an entrepreneur, a technical person and a ministry expert.
  • It is compulsory for partners to send all icafe staff to the 6 week training course.
selecting partner organizations
Selecting Partner Organizations
  • Best to use invitation – that is quietly look around for good partner organizations then choose the most suitable.
  • This avoids the rejection and loss of face of a “open” application process.
  • Inviting people takes more time and needs to be done diligently and carefully but is more secure, low profile and generally less prone to error.
qualities to look for
Qualities To Look For
  • When selecting partner organizations you are seeking people with a heart for ministry who can also manage details well and run a small business in a sustainable fashion.
  • Need experienced “get up and go” entrepreneurial types with a vision for the use of computers in ministry.
  • Need to be focused on reaching the unreached, not on just extending local churches.
  • Need to be highly incarnational and able to understand church-planting movements.
common mistakes to watch for
Common Mistakes To Watch For
  • Insufficient start-up capital.
  • Poor selection of icafe staff.
  • Icafe staff not sent for training.
  • Not businesslike/poor problem-solving skills.
  • Over-concerned with status. Expect new computers.
  • Not focused on UPGs – just a church program.
  • Lack of computer maintenance.
  • Forget to form bible study groups and house churches.
what do the supervising staff do
What Do The Supervising Staff Do?
  • Supplies the computers.
  • Helps find the funds for all importation and training costs. Does NOT supply rent or phone lines etc.
  • Make initial shipping arrangements.
  • Trains the ISC in managing the project.
  • Trains the UPG missionaries in icafe operation.
  • Reports back to funding agencies.
  • Is there as a reference body to the ISC.
  • Makes a field visit to check on the project.
  • Makes online in-service training available for free to icafe staff to keep them technically updated and spiritually refreshed.
what is the icafe training course about
What Is The Icafe Training Course About?
  • Icafe operation and computer maintenance
  • Business principles & entrepreneurship
  • Islamics / ministry to UPGs
  • Developing a business plan.
  • Developing a ministry plan
  • How to establish a church-planting movement.
  • Team-building
what are the expenses
What Are The Expenses?
  • Supervising staff supply computers, training and funding.
  • Partners supply location, phone lines, Internet connection, utilities, furniture, staff.
  • Icafe missionaries pay for their own food and lodging during training at a minimal cost-recovery level which will be negotiated.
  • ISC pays for the cost of their board meetings etc.
revenue from an average icafe
Revenue From An Average Icafe?
  • With 20 client machines, given at least 50% occupancy and 1 hour per customer at 60c per hour.
  • 12 hrs x 10 clients per hour = 120 clients per day
  • Income = 120 x 60c per hour x 25 days per month = $1800 per month
profit loss
Profit & Loss
  • Rent = $300 a monthInternet = $100 a monthPhone etc= $100 a monthDeprecation = $150 a month
  • Total fixed costs = $650 a month
  • Missionary wages (4 indigenous missionaries) = $250 per month each = $1000
  • This leaves $150 a month for “extras” and ministry expenses. If the icafe is run well it can achieve much more than 50% occupancy.
extra revenue
Extra Revenue
  • Can be obtained from computer classes, VOIP, business services, purified water, coffee, books, stationery, computer disks, printing & binding etc.
  • Extra services can be easily added and tailored to the cultural interests of the UPG.
  • Can increase revenue by 50% plus.
price points
Price Points
  • Should be about the same as the well-known commercial rates for a high quality service.
  • Do not compete on price - compete on quality and on atmosphere.
  • Do not give away the services, people value what they pay for.
  • Value the sustainability of your ministry.
is it christian to charge normal rates
Is It Christian To Charge Normal Rates?
  • Paul, Priscilla and Aquila sold their tents!
  • The icafe must appear to be a normal commercial operation.
  • The gospel is offered free of charge through friendship evangelism.
  • The icafe can offer free extras in literature etc.
  • It is Christian to be wise!
contact us
Contact Us
  • Cybermissions.Org514 E.Desford St.Carson CA 90745
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-310-549-6791