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Introducing. Connecting our communities; past, present and future. Workshop 2009. South Shore History Since 1908, the South Shore has been in the business of delivering value to the communities it serves by moving people and freight.

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Connecting our communities;

past, present and future.

Workshop 2009

South Shore History

Since 1908, the South Shore has been in the business of delivering value to the communities it serves by moving people and freight.

The passenger and freight services were separated in 1990. The passenger service, right of way, and passenger assets became the sole responsibility of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD). The freight service is owned by South Shore Freight.

Each year South Shore moves millions of people and millions of tons freight

along its route from Chicago to South Bend.

Inception of SSFL

Over the last half decade, NICTD has installed a significant amount of fiber optic cable along it’s railway to provide high speed connectivity for it’s internal use.

Not knowing what the future would bring, the system was designed with excess capacity.

NICTD is proud to announce it’s latest and most significant contribution to the technological community with the introduction of:

It is SSFL’s mission to provide value to the communities it serves by allowing the use of its fiber to compete in a broadband economy.

Historical Past meets Innovative Future

Contact Information

Normal Business Inquiries

[email protected]

888 835 2691

Who is South Shore Fiber Link?

SSFL is an initialve of NICTD and is in the business of leasing carrier grade, vendor neutral, dark fiber “circuits” to corporate consumers along its right of way.

It is not a phone company, internet service provider or cable company.

Our region led the industrial revolution of the mid 1900’s with rail and highways. It moved people and materials from east to west like no other part of the country. Now, the SSFL now puts us at the head of the next revolution; the technological one.

It allows customers to move data through the heartland of America at exponentially fast speeds, in a secure ,high grade manner and at price points only a community partner can offer.

What does SSFL Provide?

South Shore Fiber Link provides it customers with a pair (2 individual)

of dark fibers (no electronics) from one end of the system to the other. These fiber pairs are packaged as fiber “circuits” and leased in an aerial or terrestrial (underground) bundle running the length of the system, or both to create a loop.

The circuits are offered on lease programs that range from $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

These circuits provide a “Backbone” connection. Each customer is responsible for

connecting their lateral fiber to specifically designated cross-connect points.


Significant Cost Savings

Phenomenal Speeds

Hardened Security


Existence in the Global Information based Economy

Broadband: Bandwidth Speed Comparisons












1Gbps (Gig-E)

100 Mbps

The SSFL Model

Network Service


Direct SSFL

Fiber Connection

Direct SSFL

Fiber Connection

Broadband Users

Broadband Users

Direct fiber connectivity between

broadband users and/or Service


Local Telephone Access Systems



Network Service




Community Access Systems

South Shore Fiber Link





Customer Location

Favorable Conditions

Regional Broadband Strategy

House Bill 448

Michigan City Access System