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Ayurveda kerala India

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Ayurveda kerala India

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  1. Healthy habits in Ayurveda

  2. Healthy food habits in Ayurveda The level of food required for each body is varying based on the balance of thridoshas in body. Thridoshasare the constituents of body as per Ayurveda Kerala concepts. Ayurveda practitioners generally prescribe different diet for each individual. Since according to Kerala Ayurveda, the treatment is given for the body not for the disease so that to eliminate the disease causing factor from its root. The place where the individual lives and other genetic and demographic factor also influence the formulation of ayurvedic diet. In ayurveda, food are classified into six categorieis- sweet, sour, bitter,salty, pungent and astringent. Aurveda recommends a balanced diet that contains all theses tastes. A balanced diet contains some food for each doshas. Foods that are frozen,refined, canned and processed with artificial colors and flavours, grown with chemical pesticides or fertilizers are not suggested by ayurveda since such food lack the living intelligence and vital life energy. This will result harm to body than providing nourishment.Spicesand herbs are the common food in ayurvedic diet. They are good for assimilation and digestion and also to cleanse toxins from the body. Eating spices before and after main meal can kick start digestion.

  3. Some important healthy food habits to maintain a fit body and mind Eat only when feels hungry Excessive intake of food affects digestion. For the healthy digestion of food eat only when you really felt hungry. Dine in a calm and comfortable place Sit down while eating and should not engage in any other activities such as watching television, reading etc.

  4. Eat at right quantity Excessive intake of food leads to disease conditions. Eat up to the optimum level that your stomach and body do not get tiered. Eat warm meals Always try to have warm foods. Eating cold food that are directly taken out of fridge may result in the loss of again in body and hence improper digestion occurs Ensure the quality of food Make sure that your food is either juicy or oily. Avoid too dry foods. Since the watery foods will enhance nutrient absorption and digestion

  5. Avoid eating incompatible food items together Eating incompatible food items together results the formation of toxins inside the body. It will upset stomach and also affects digestive system. For example, eating fish along with milk, having honey and ghee in equal combinations etc are dangerous to health. Do not eat fast Take enough time to chew your food. Chewing is an important part of effective digestion process.

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