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PSIGEN PSI:Capture. Presented By: Steven Chenery Chief Executive Officer. Who is PSIGEN?. Founded 1995 Mature capture company Innovative Capture Focus on Automation Integration with 56 ECM systems. Who uses PSIGEN products?. The Capture Equation. Capture vs. Scanning.

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Presented By: Steven Chenery

Chief Executive Officer

who is psigen
Who is PSIGEN?

Founded 1995

Mature capture company

Innovative Capture

Focus on Automation

Integration with 56 ECM systems

capture vs scanning
Capture vs. Scanning

A scanning application is just a means to take paper, and quickly and easily convert it from paper to digital form.  They are well suited to environments with very basic needs, and what I call "onsie-twosie" scanning, or low volume environments. 

capture vs scanning1
Capture vs. Scanning
  • Capture software can be utilized for basic scanning needs, but takes you to a whole new level from a "capture" perspective.  These applications typically have a number of ways to "slice and dice" documents, and really focus on efficiency, and minimizing the time required to scan, index and capture data. 
what solution do you need today
What Solution do you need today?



Bates Stamping


Searchable PDFs


ECM Onramp

Invoice Processing


Forms Processing

Fax Routing

Barcode Reading

Document Routing

PDF Document Assembly

psi capture architecture single user
PSI:Capture Architecture – Single user

Capture, Index, QA, OCR , ICR and Migration

psi capture technology architecture
PSI:Capture Technology Architecture
  • Developed on latest technology platform
    • Microsoft .Net Framework
    • C#
    • Embedded SQL
  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Extendable
  • Rapid development
supported migrations
Supported Migrations



▪ Document Server (Alchemy)

▪ eDocs (Hummingbird)

▪ Content Server (Live Link)

▪ Fax Server (Rightfax )

what can advanced capture do for me
What can Advanced Capture do for me?

Reduce the required time for scanning and indexing documents = Efficiency

Enable a standard process for scanning, capturing, indexing, naming, and processing = Standardisation

Provide numerous gateways to multiple repositories = Flexibility

psi capture flexibility
PSI:Capture : Flexibility

Utilise with any scanner or MFP

Enable any device to scan to existing DM/ECM systems

Easy add-on to your existing system


Automation and Efficiency

Onramp for scanned documents