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P RIME O PTIONS. THE MARKETING GENIE. If you are a customer , an investor ,a fledgling developer, an entrepreneur waiting to secure a lifelong Advantage ? Choose P rime O ptions .

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If you are a customer , an investor ,a fledgling developer, an entrepreneur waiting to secure a lifelong Advantage ? Choose Prime Options .

When it comes to a buy decision? Would you depend on a clueless Broker, an underwriter motivated not by criterion to select advantage but by profit alone ! An unscrupulous developer trying to offload his inventory for maximum advantage on a hapless customer ? Or a Professional who has a sense of timing, who knows the business intimately indeed all facts of it.



  • Culling out options of Advantage against key growth indicators and attributes to ensure advantage now rather them discovering it on Hindsight !
  • We help you choose!
  • If service wasn’t important and variety wasn’t confusing we would have no reason to be in business.
why prime options
Why Prime Options ?
  • Our recommendations are based on a client perspective and need.
  • Profiling Client needs with best in class offerings across budgets to ensure Real Advantage.
  • Researching developers antecedents & performance.
  • Project Profiling.
  • Recommendations based on an attribute list ( ROI,Cost Benefit Analysis, Developer Profiling, Debt Equity Analysis, Regulatory Approvals for licensing , Master Plan, Past record of development & customer feedback ) to ensure client advantage.
who we are
Who We Are ?

Property Analysts from premier B-Schools.

A Peek into what makes us leaders:

  • Expert knowledge of the Real Estate domain.
  • Our strong & enduring relationships with Developers, Customers, DTP Officials.
  • Our approach to understand customer needs & constraints and offer solutions most appropriate to their needs.
  • We are enablers who believe you are best off Consulting Experts !
  • Robust Risk Management.
  • Culling out the best value propositions.
  • Maximum Bang for Buck !
the prime options advantage
The Prime Options Advantage !

Advantage Clients :

  • Our recommendations profile Risk Adjusted Returns over Long & Short term.
  • We secure customer advantage against the following attributes ( ROI, Security, Budget Constraints, Customized Payment plans, Loan Support, After sales Service)

Advantage Developers & Entrepreneurs:

  • Mentor small developers & offer turnkey marketing solutions.
  • Conduct project feasibility surveys.
  • Cutting edge Green Building technology : RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000.
  • Business solutions offerings commercial & retail catchments to give your business an Edge !
we represent1
We Represent :

Most of all We Represent You !....

clients across the globe
Clients Across The Globe !

Projects across India !

the prime options edge
The Prime Options Edge !

The key differentiator which sets us apart from Developer’s, Broker’s is our Unflinching Commitment to our Esteemed Customers, in all that we do be it Product Marketing, Analysis of your need and culling out a value proposition most suitable to your need, or just rendering service. We are motivated to serve YOU!

Prime Options! – Here to Stay! Here for You! Here for Good!

contact us for
Contact Us For :
  • Marketing Mandates.
  • Primary Market Offerings.
  • Secondary Market offerings.
  • Lease Mandates / Outright sales.
  • Lease project feasibility surveys & Consultancy services.
  • Turnkey marketing solutions.
  • Business Development solutions to offer Commercial & Retail catchments to give your business an Edge !
  • Green building technology for elevated pools using Alkorgreen 2000.
  • Envirogreen : Alternative Road Building Technology.

Mail : []


M - +91-9717500111


L- +91-124-4205699

Fax- +91-124-4379086