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ICT Procurement ICT Coordinators Information Day – September 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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ICT Procurement ICT Coordinators Information Day – September 2008

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ICT Procurement ICT Coordinators Information Day – September 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICT Procurement ICT Coordinators Information Day – September 2008. Peter Dowling A/ Commercial Director – Strategy DET Procurement Directorate. ICT Fleet Manager Ph 1800 654 310 Fx 1800 808 385 Email Agenda. ICT procurement in context

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Presentation Transcript

ICT Procurement

ICT Coordinators Information Day – September 2008

Peter Dowling A/ Commercial Director – Strategy

DET Procurement Directorate

ICT Fleet Manager Ph 1800 654 310 Fx 1800 808 385


  • ICT procurement in context
  • ICT procurement process change
  • ICT fleet desk statistics
  • ICT hardware
  • IWB Standards
  • Imaging devices
  • Open forum / Issues / Questions
Though small relatively to construction and labour hire, ICT procurement has wonderful opportunities for savings

ICT procurement in context

delivering procurement reform
Delivering procurement reform
  • DET is one of the largest procurers of ICT hardware, software and telephony by any measure
  • ICT unit pricing has been coming down and therefore worthwhile to explore through volume commitment
  • ICT achieved economies of scale through T4L program
  • DoC has recently created better SCCB contracts
    • Panel eg GTAs, electronic whiteboards, imaging devices
    • ITS 2007 with unit pricing
  • DET volume commitment with compliance through programs has been given respect by suppliers eg whiteboards, PCs, imaging devices, video conferencing

ICT procurement process change

delivering procurement reform1
Delivering procurement reform

Coordinated planned Procurement

State based contracts regardless of location/source of funds

Divide and conquer by suppliers is diminishing eg Fuji has given better pricing by removing the need for marketing programs

Total lifecycle costing evaluation based on social, economic and environmental evaluations

Reduced ICT hardware suppliers from 27 to 8 and ordering to a single central location

Fit for purpose standard classes of device.

Central source of all DET standard ICT items across DET/TAFE

Greater accountability from core DET vendors through KPI management

Roadmap to full asset management, tracking and fleet management for ICT hardware.

ICT procurement process change

ict procurement roadmap
ICT Procurement Roadmap

ICT procurement process change


Order process

Needs analysis

Audit, leases terminating, growth, replacements

Requirements analysis


Web check, A.Form raised

A.Form reviewed by vendor


Purchase order

A.Form & expenditure approved


A.Form check, PO raised & sent


Vendor delivers PO to site


Fleet Manager arranges install

Vendor device instruction

ICT procurement process change

ordering process imaging copiers printers faxes
Ordering Process – Imaging(Copiers, Printers, Faxes)

DET Intranet site

- Select Department Resources

- Select A–Z Directorates

- Select Procurement

Selecting Device

- Select Supplier: Fuji Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Ricoh or Canon

- Select device required and complete Information Requirements Form (IRF)

Final Stage

- Supplier checks completed authorisation form which is then processed by the ICT Fleet Desk

  • Supplier
  • Supplier will contact customer
  • Email is sent with an authorisation form that needs to be completed and sent back to the supplier

For assistance at any time call the DET Fleet desk on 1800 654 310

ICT procurement process change

ordering process discretionary interactive whiteboards and peripherals
Ordering Process - Discretionary(Interactive Whiteboards and Peripherals)
  • Ordering
  • Call/Email ICT Fleet Desk:
  • 1800 654 310
  • Ensure quantity and model are included

DET Intranet site

- Run a search for ‘Global Parts List’ (GPL)

- All equipment is listed here for Connected/Interactive Classrooms

  • Acceptance & Delivery
  • On receipt of Authorisation Form the order will be processed and delivery ETA is 10 working days
  • ETA to installation is approximately 3/4 weeks after delivery.
  • Processing
  • ICT Fleet Desk will send out a checklist and site assessment to be completed and returned
  • Once returned an Authorisation Form and Quote will be sent for signature

For assistance at any time call the DET Fleet Desk on 1800 654 310

ICT procurement process change

progress changes
Progress / Changes


Removed requirement for all items to have installation (with conditions)

Allowed for conditional direct ship

Componentised large, complex product lists to single SKU’s


Streamlined process of many smartbuy activities (product add, ordering)

Building reports

Requested interface for daily live vendor data links.

Made vendors accountable for full KPI’s

ICT procurement process change

known teething problems
Known teething problems



Addressing small service/install item comparisons

Non aligned vendor marketing.

Re-training aligned vendor behaviours to meet DET Standards.

  • Introduction of NSW Commerce “Smartbuy” program as core catalogue source.
  • Updating core DET systems in progress to meet new standards.
  • Backlog

A process of constant enhancement and refinement.

ICT procurement process change

the backlog
The Backlog



Backlog cleared 1st week of Term 4

Additional 50+ install staff, flying squads.

Inventories / supplier rules

All business as usual (BAU) require site surveys / self assessments

  • Delays in standard development
  • Non “Fit for Purpose” purchasing
  • Opportunistic Supplier marketing
  • Delays in vendor shipments.

ICT procurement process change


Number of calls coming into the DET Fleet Desk 3,766

Average time spent on incoming calls 3:01 mins

Number of calls made to sites, from the DET Fleet Desk 10,775

Average time spent on outgoing calls 2:02 mins

Number of abandoned calls 155

SLA 80% Number of calls answered <20 secs) 69%

Telephone Statistics

The following data is from a reflective date range of between the 31st March 2008 to 27th August 2008

ICT fleet desk statistics


Total number or orders placed through the DET Fleet Desk 1,706

Total number of Imaging (printers, faxes, etc) orders 1,021

Total number of discretionary orders 685

Total number of emails into “ICTFleetOrders”

(All queries, quotes, orders & site assessments) 2,236

Total number of emails from DET Fleet Team 3,106

Printer Order Value $10.1m

IWB / Connected Classroom Value $6.3m

Processing Statistics

The following data is from a reflective date range of between the 16th April 2008 to 27th August 2008 and shows all orders placed by the DET Fleet Desk for discretionary and imaging orders

ICT fleet desk statistics

pricing test
Pricing test
  • If a vendor is offering similar product, model and warranty across the state, vendors on program will be required to match this.

Please send comparison data for review to

ICT hardware

when comparing value
When comparing value . . .

EG: low cost long throw Epson X5


Is this the same type or class of device

What is the warranty?

Is service to DET standard across NSW?

Am I bundling up service and components correctly?

Is not equivalent to

High quality short throw Epson 400w

ICT hardware

why have approved standards
Why have approved standards

Standards provide

Standards mean

Testing and approving products and solutions

Adopting standards for a time period until they are superseded.

Training and enforcing usage across the enterprise

Helping to predictably grow service to the department

  • Uniformity in service delivery.
  • Least risk of unpredictable outcomes.
  • Reduced purchase and support costs
  • Known platforms to create outcomes.

IWB standards


Approved Interactive Whiteboards

Stylus Touch (recommended)‏

Finger Touch (optional)‏

Panasonic UB-T780

  • 77” diagonal
  • Pen/Stylus interface
  • Fine point accuracy
  • PET-coated metal plate surface
  • $1443 ex GST

Smartboard SB680

  • 77” diagonal
  • Touch & stylus interface
  • Finger point accuracy
  • Polyester surface
  • $1958 ex GST
  • 64” model available ($1728 ex GST)‏

IWB standards


Approved Data Projectors

Ultra Short Throw(8cms - recommended)‏

Short Throw(1-2 metres)‏

Long Throw(2-9 metres)‏

Sanyo PLC-XE50

  • Little to no eye contact, located above board
  • Installs on wall above board
  • $2443 ex GST

Epson EMP-400W

  • Some eye contact, located above/in front of teacher
  • Install on wall or roof mount
  • $1983 ex GST

Dell 1409x

  • Some eye contact, located in front of teacher
  • Install on roof or free standing
  • $1063 ex GST

IWB standards

ultra short throw projector
Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • Projects square from 8cms
  • Flush mount to wall, less material required
  • Low/no glare as bulb is closer to board than teacher
  • Alarm/secure

The UST is the DET preferred

projector solution

IWB standards

why were these chosen
Why were these chosen?
  • Short throw / UST projectors give best teacher/student experience.
  • Best price/performance and fit for purpose.
  • Product compatibility with core systems, future roadmap.
  • Warranty and coverage capability across NSW for 4 years

IWB standards

calculating equity product
Calculating equity - product

*unavailable in 2007, pricing based on current non DET market

Also calculate new statewide SLA’s:

  • 4 year warranty
  • 10 day delivery SLA’s anywhere in NSW
  • NBD/2BD Warrantee Service anywhere in NSW

IWB standards


Approved Flat Screen Monitors

42 inch flat panel monitor

42 inch flat panel monitor

  • LG-42LG30 (recommended)‏
  • High Definition Tuner
  • 1366 x 768 resolution
  • 2 HDMI & component inputs, 1 S-video
  • PC Input and RS232 Control port
  • $1618 ex GST
  • Phillips BDL4231C
  • HDMI input
  • 1366 x 768 resolution
  • 2 HDMI & component inputs, composite, S-video, smartcard
  • PC Input and RS232 Control port
  • $1823 ex GST

IWB standards


Video Conferencing Equipment

  • Tandberg selected as chosen VC Vendor
    • Meet equitable service standards across state
    • Best price/fit for purpose
    • Compatibility with core applications
    • Final pricing and SKU’s to be announced imminently

IWB standards

when do i need installation
When do I need installation

Is required for ordering

Is not required for


If it makes economic sense for a GA/Parent/CC who carries insurance and qualifications and can follow standards of installation.

If the school procures installation externally it must be through DET Fleet Manager.

  • Full Interactive Classroom
  • Ultra Short Throw projectors
  • Any fixed cable infrastructure (except in TAFE)
  • If you are building the basis for a Full connected Classroom (and this is the first components)
  • The fleet desk will always recommend installation

IWB standards

calculating equity installation
Calculating equity - installation
  • Set fixed prices across all NSW regardless of location
  • Previous pricing varied significantly dependant on location, impacting equity.
    • Previously many sites attracted tariff’s / flag falls for services
    • Standards of service varied depending on local relationships
    • Uniformity across state was not achieved, impacting statewide education delivery.
  • Fleet Management will onboard regional NSW VAR’s to continue to refine statewide service model and provide equity**.

IWB standards

procurement imaging devices examples

Hunter TAFE

(5yr life)

  • Completed fleet audit
  • 45% reduction in fleet
  • device improvement
  • cost/print reduced $4.9m

Silverwater High School (5yr life)

Completed fleet audit

  • 54% reduction in fleet
  • device improvement
  • cost/print reduced $200k


Imaging devices

imaging devices savings
Imaging Devices – Savings

Of the first 675 devices sold since the moratorium was lifted

Buyers paid $3million LESS

‘Harvested’ $565,000 in margin

$3.565m total savings

  • Priority – to rightsize the fleet through changing leases to purchases and selecting the best machines!
  • We need your help to “bring out the dead”

Imaging devices


More Information

Please send questions or comments to:

DET ICT Fleet Manager

Ph: 1800 654 310

Fax: 1800 808 385


it product purchase
IT Product Purchase




















& Checks








Receives PO/









On Intranet