the nutcracker suite trepak n.
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The Nutcracker Suite: “Trepak” PowerPoint Presentation
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The Nutcracker Suite: “Trepak”

The Nutcracker Suite: “Trepak”

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The Nutcracker Suite: “Trepak”

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  1. The Nutcracker Suite:“Trepak” Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

  2. How do I say Tchaikovsky? Tchai - kov - sky

  3. About the Composer: Tchaikovsky was often unhappy, but you would never be able to tell by listening to his cheerful, dance-like music. Some feel he was happiest in his music.

  4. Peter Tchaikovsky always hoped for more attention from his parents.

  5. He was very talented and took piano lessons at the young age of four, but soon after he began, he had to stop lessons and went to boarding school.

  6. As an adult, a fan, named Madame von Meck, gave him financial support and encouraged him to keep writing his music.

  7. About the Music Tchaikovsky wrote the music for ballets like Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker.

  8. The music for The Nutcracker was so popular that he chose eight dances from the ballet and put them into a “suite” for concert performances.

  9. The Nutcracker is a story of a girl named Clara who receives a Nutcracker for Christmas. He magically turns into a real-life soldier/nutcracker and they go on adventures through many lands.

  10. The form of this piece is. A A B A

  11. If you’ve ever seen The Nutcracker, you might remember seeing this fast, exciting Russian dance that the Cossacks created long ago. Cossacks were fierce warriors who loved battle, and apparently loved to dance as well!

  12. The men that dance to this song are in very colorful clothes and boots similar to a Russian soldier. “Trepak” is short, exciting and fun. Trepak ballet video

  13. Listen up!

  14. Time for the Mini-Quiz!

  15. Did Tchaikovsky have a happy childhood? 1) Yes 2) No

  16. “Trepak” from Nutcracker Suite is performed by… • A band 2. An orchestra 3. singers

  17. Why did Tchaikovsky have to stop taking music lessons? 1) His parents didn’t like music 2) His mother was allergic to the sound of the piano 3) His parents sent him to boarding school 4)He went to Disney Land

  18. Which of these famous ballets did Tchaikovsky write the music for? 1) The Yellow Duck, The Purple Swan and the Polka-Dotted Squirrel 2) Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker 3) Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town 4)Sleeping child, The Pecancracker, Duck Pond

  19. Who are the Cossacks? • A family that adopted Tchaikovsky. 2) Soldiers who loved to battle and also loved to dance. 3) The Mouse King’s army. 4.) Musicians that only wear pink socks.

  20. What is the name of the woman who helped Tchaikovsky? • Madame von Ick 2) Madame von London Tipton 3) Madame von Meck 4) Madame von Sharp