Invest in uganda s air transport
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INVEST IN UGANDA’S AIR TRANSPORT . ENTEBBE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT INVEST IN UGANDA Email: [email protected] Plot 88 Kiira Road, Kampala, Uganda +256 772 888 886, +601 76388968. Entebbe International Airport. Gateway to Uganda Located 40km from the capital city Kampala.

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Invest in uganda s air transport




Email: [email protected]

Plot 88 Kiira Road, Kampala, Uganda

+256 772 888 886, +601 76388968

Entebbe international airport
Entebbe International Airport

  • Gateway to Uganda

  • Located 40km from the capital city Kampala.

  • Coordinates – 00002’26”.93N

    32 26’25”.95E

  • Altitude - 3782ft AMSL

  • Main runway(17/35)- 3658m

  • Alternate runway(12/30) – 2400m

Entebbe international airport contd
Entebbe International Airport (contd)

  • The greatest opportunity EIA has is its central geographical location in the great lakes regionas well as the available current capacity that makes it ideal for creating a regional Hub.

  • EIA is quality driven and competitively priced. In the region, it is the cheapest airport to fly to due to low navigation, landing, parking and ground handling charges to airlines

Entebbe international airport contd1
Entebbe International Airport (contd)

  • EIA offers very good Incentives for airlines, Ground Handling companies and other airport investments.

  • EIA has excellent infrastructure and fast rate service in the region.

Entebbe international airport contd2
Entebbe International Airport (contd)

  • The main passenger terminal was remodeled in 2007to expand its capacity and to provide a state of the art ambience, service and security.

  • To date due to an increase in the passenger volumes, plans are underway to expand it.

Entebbe international airport contd3
Entebbe International Airport (contd)

  • EIA has also successfully implemented the Passenger Departure Control System, MUSE, for the benefit of airline operators. Currently the system supports BA, Brussels, KLM, SAA, with Emirates and Kenya Airways soon to get connected.

International scheduled operators at eia
International Scheduled Operators at EIA**

Operator Frequencies Aircraft

per week type

  • British Airways 5 B767-300

  • KLM 5 A330-200

  • Turkish Airlines 3 B737-800

  • Brussels Airlines 4 A330- 300

  • Emirates 7 B777-200

  • Qatar Airways 7 A320

  • Kenya Airways 28 B737-800

  • South African Airways 6 A 319

International scheduled operators at eia contd
International Scheduled Operators at EIA Contd***

Operator Frequencies Aircraft type per week

  • Egypt Air 2 A320

  • Ethiopian Airlines 7 B767-300

  • Air Uganda 18 MD 87

  • Rwanda Air 14 DH8/CRJ50

  • Fly 540 13 ATR 43/DH8

  • Precision Air 3 ATR 43

  • Cetraca 3 L410

  • NAS(Eritrea) 3 B737/A320

International scheduled operators at eia contd1
International Scheduled Operators at EIA Contd

Operator Frequencies Aircraft

per week type

  • Emirates (Freighter) 1 B747



  • QATAR 1 A300

  • S. AFRICAN 1 A310/B737

Domestic air operators
Domestic Air operators

  • Eagle Air - Operates both scheduled and charters in the country.

  • Aerolink - Operates both scheduled and charters to major tourism areas.

  • MAF, KAFTC and Air Serv also operate charters to various parts of the country .

Country uganda
Country Uganda

  • Uganda is a landlocked country situated in the heart of Africa, half way between Cairo in the north and Cape Town in the south and EIA is the only direct way to the country.

  • The regional capitals of these countries are all within 5 hours flying time.

Country uganda contd
Country Uganda (contd)

  • Uganda’s GDP stands at US Dollars 16.84 billion at the current market prices and the economy is growing at a rate of about 10%.

  • Uganda is unique and rich in tourism products both flora and fauna.

  • EIA benefits from the over 120 million population that moves freely within the East African Common Market.

Country uganda contd1
Country Uganda (contd)

  • Uganda is a popular tourist destination drawing tourists from all over the world especially UK, German, USA who supply over 200,000 out of a total of over 1,000,000 tourists (arrivals).

  • The unique tourism product range from wildlife, forests, lakes, rivers, variety of cultures, the people, historical sites, foods, name it.

Country uganda contd2
Country Uganda (contd)

In order to ease movement of tourists, the following airports in major tourist areas have been designated for entry and exit of international flights:

  • Pakuba

  • Kidepo

  • Arua

  • Gulu

  • Kasese

Country uganda contd3
Country Uganda (contd)

  • Official language is English.

  • VISA

    Visas to Uganda can be obtained at its embassies or on arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

  • Weather and local time information

    Uganda enjoys an equatorial climate. The coldest part of the country, Kabale and records temperatures as low as 150 C.

Country uganda contd4
Country Uganda (contd)

Temperatures in Kampala range between 21oC and 28oC. Warm clothing is not necessary.

  • Local currency

    The country’s legal tender is a Uganda shilling. Notes are in denominations of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000.

Country uganda contd5
Country Uganda (contd)

Coins are also popularly used and are in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 shillings.

  • Foreign exchanges rates

    Most Banks handle travellers’ cheques and convert international currencies. ATM services for VISA Electron card holders are available at many points in Kampala city.

Country uganda contd6
Country Uganda (contd)

Forex Bureaux are available in Kampala and other towns.

  • Safety

    The country is peaceful and one is secure all the time though as it is common in other countries, petty theft and thuggery can be encountered especially downtown Kampala.

Country uganda contd7
Country Uganda (contd)

  • Hours of business

    Official business hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday).

  • Communication

    Direct connections to the world are available using international code or telephone operator if necessary.

Country uganda contd8
Country Uganda (contd)

Telephone services are spread around the country. Five telephone companies: MTN-Uganda, Uganda Telecom, Orange, Warid, Airtel and K2 offer a wide range of services.

Internet and Blackberry services are also widely available. The internet top level domain is .ug

Country uganda contd9
Country Uganda (contd)

  • Emergency contacts:

    Police, 999 or 112

    Ambulance, International Air Ambulance (IAA), 0312-200508

    Heath services;

    - (AAR), 0312-263071/2

    - Mulago Hospital (National Referral Hospital), 0414-554009

Entebbe international airport1
Entebbe International Airport

  • For the last 10 years EIA has experienced growth in all parameters of the airport. This can be verified in the traffic statistics that follow

  • This is attributed to:

  • Relative political stability in the region

  • Good macro economic policies

  • Good investment policies and climate

Entebbe international airport contd5
Entebbe International Airport contd.

  • Government strategy on Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events

  • Uganda’s successful hosting of CHOGM in 2007 with improved facilities

  • Improved tourism products and hospitality.

Entebbe international airport contd6

Entebbe International Airport contd.

Development of new export products (flowers, fish and fresh produce

Discovery of oil

Traffic growth rates
Traffic growth rates

The 1st four months of 2012 give a traffic average growth rate of:

  • Passengers 20%

  • Cargo

  • Exports 35%

  • Imports -3%

  • Aircraft movements 27%

Projects investment opportunities at eia
Projects/Investment opportunities at EIA

Uganda has a fully liberalized investment policy.

Areas of investment at EIA include:

  • Construction of a Cargo Terminal

  • Construction of Airport Hotel

  • Construction of Ferry Port

  • Construction of a fuel reservoir

Projects investment opportunities at eia contd
Projects/Investment Opportunities at EIA contd

  • Establishment of a Leisure Centre

  • Construction of a new Domestic Terminal

  • Establishment of an aircraft maintenance hangar

  • Upgrade of

  • Arua- in its final stages,

  • Kasese-master plan is already out, Gulu, Kisoro, Soroti, Pakuba, Kabale, up country aerodromes

Projects investment opportunities at eia contd1
Projects/Investment Opportunities at EIA contd

  • Upgrade of Gulu, Kisoro, Soroti, Pakuba, Kabale and other up country aerodromes

  • All these have well maintained

  • runways to handle small aircraft and

  • terminal buildings

Charges at eia
Charges at EIA

Ground Handling Charges

  • Passenger Flights Scheduled

    Charges range from USD 200 to 2000 depending on the type of the aircraft

    2)Passenger Flights Adhoc

    Charges range from USD 200 to 2000 depending on the type of the aircraft

Charges at eia contd
Charges at EIA Contd

3) Cargo Flights

Charges range from USD 1000 to 2500 depending on type of aircraft.

4) Push Back

- Narrow body USD 65

- Wide Body USD 100

- GPU per Hour USD 150

- ASU per turn around USD 150

Charges at eia contd1
Charges at EIA Contd

5) Towing

  • Narrow body USD 100

  • Wide body USD 200

    6) Toilet USD 70

    7)Water Service USD 40

    8) Chocks USD 35

    9) Nitrogen (top up one tyre) USD 75

    10) 1 Dolly per use USDF 20

Charges at eia contd2
Charges at EIA Contd

Charges by CAA

Landing – this depend on aircraft take off weight

Up to 54,000 USD 5/ton

54,001-154,000 USD 6/ton

Above 154,000 USD 5/ton

Lighting charges

50% of landing charge

Charges at eia contd3
Charges at EIA Contd

Navigation charges

(Selected A/C Types)

B747 USD 330

A330/B777 USD 280

B767-200 USD 200

B737 USD 125