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BT MSL – How are we doing? DNO Team Update PowerPoint Presentation
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BT MSL – How are we doing? DNO Team Update

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BT MSL – How are we doing? DNO Team Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BT MSL – How are we doing? DNO Team Update. 15 th September 2011. Today’s Topics. How are we doing? Scorecard results - where are we today? Current Issues Building a Better Business Performance Management Refocus on objectives - Refresh CARE -  EEI result & OCI view

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BT MSL – How are we doing? DNO Team Update

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Presentation Transcript

BT MSL – How are we doing?

DNO Team Update

15th September 2011

today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • How are we doing?
  • Scorecard results - where are we today?
  • Current Issues
  • Building a Better Business
  • Performance Management
  • Refocus on objectives - Refresh
  • CARE -  EEI result & OCI view
  • Recognition
  • MSL Talent pool
  • Q&A’s

In Commercial Confidence

current issues
Current Issues
  • 2G TCH Network Availability
    • Shared network KPI well below target
    • Partly down to us not clearing TRX faults quickly enough
    • Brought people back from MEAS
    • Loaned people into London
    • Showing on track to achieve end of month deadline
  • KPIs generally poor
    • Challenged on volumes
    • NSN removed REH upgrades
    • Once TCH performance is resolved need to bring other KPIs up quickly
    • Back-log clearance affects results – need to flush through
  • Need to recruit for long term
    • Vacancies in North West, North East and London
    • Applicants being short listed
    • Temporary back-fill with contractors
  • Finance challenges in current year
    • All costs need to be managed
recent opportunities
Recent Opportunities
  • Vodafone RAN First Line Maintenance
    • In progress in Reading area – extending to London
    • Growth helps meet finance challenge
  • Huawei 2G RAN Refresh for Everything Everywhere
    • Cardiff trial close to completion
    • Training plans being rolled out
    • Northern Ireland next
  • MEAS
    • Set to continue through the next year
    • Very good feedback for our Engineers and Riggers
  • Olympics First Line Maintenance (FLM) with NSN
    • New opportunity being evaluated
  • Others subject to NDA (none disclosure agreements)




building a better business program timeline
Building a Better Business - Program timeline

Appointments made Phase 1:

Iain Hill – Head of NMO

Brian Stebbings – Head Of KCOM Service

Mark Wrightson – KCOM NMC Manager

what does this mean for you
What does this mean for you?
  • As part of the MSL senior management team, I and my colleagues, are working to integrate all the individual contracts into a cohesive business unit; this initiative is called ‘Building a Better Business’.
  • BaBB’s high level objective is to change to meet needs of the customer and encourage interworking between the contracts, this will be achieved in part by bringing common activities such as Field Engineering under a single function with common line management. The benefits for this will be:
    • Synergies between contracts at a Geographical level reducing travel for some skill groups such as Power.
    • Standardisation of performance measures and implementation for a common Field function.
    • Continuity of communication and direction given by a specifically aligned function.

In Commercial Confidence

organisation design sprints
Organisation Design - Sprints

Andy Wood, with the support of Tony Hodge, Steve Young and Su Morgan will

be leading the development of the detailed organisation design.

How we will work as a cross customer service organisation?

  • Increased focus and engagement across BT MSL will take place during Quarter 3. Resulting in a high level Organisation Design being prepared for review by the end of September.
  • Our Organisation Design plans will be created during a series of Sprint workshops held in September, where we intend to capture input from across the MSL team and give you the opportunity to influence our plans.
getting involved
Getting involved
  • Participants in the workshops will be communicated, so even if you are not directly involved you will know who will be representing your team, and can provide input through them.
  • Team Leaders are encouraged to ensure that if any members of your team are invited to contribute at the Sprint workshops, that every effort is made to ensure they can participate.
  • Further briefings will be circulated with specific details of how you can register your input and get involved in the Organisation Design process over the next few weeks.
performance management timeline
Performance Management Timeline

For more info about performance management at BT go to:-

objectives refresh
Objectives Refresh
  • Business expectation that all personal objectives will be reviewed, and refreshed where necessary at the half year point
  • This is a specific action on e-performance that needs to be done now
  • WHEN?
  • During September 2011
  • WHY?
  • Only 7 months of year left to deliver business requirements
  • Check performance is tracking in right direction
  • Take recovery action where necessary, or make changes
  • Achievement year to date – is it on track, ahead, falling behind?
  • Are the measures still appropriate? Could more be achieved?
  • Are the weightings still appropriate? Has an objective become more important?
  • Have any new projects come along that are more important and should become an objective?
  • HOW?
  • Top down
  • Through 121’s in lead up to Q2 levelling
  • Review progress at Q2 levelling
a positive work environment today
A Positive Work Environment - Today
  • Q2 Care Agile Survey – What did it tell us?
  • Engagement falling – EEI = 3.53 (Q1 = 3.64)


From - I love my job and doing it well gives me a high sense of achievement.

To - Little sense of achievement as the goal posts constantly shift and there is always something else needing done.

Performance management process is a common issue

  • Primary Style = Oppositional
  • look for mistakes
  • stay detached and perfectly objective
  • Secondary Style = Perfectionistic
  • never make a mistake
  • view work as more important than anything else
  • Security and task focus = keep your head under the radar and just get things done

Our Culture

a positive work environment future
A Positive Work Environment - Future
  • Aiming for an environment where:-
  • Plans are in place to achieve challenging goals which are pursued with enthusiasm
  • People are able to enjoy their work and develop themselves
  • Everyone is managed in a supportive and helpful way
  • Co-operation and teamwork are expected and valued
  • Interpersonal relationships matter as much as achieving the goal
  • People are involved as far as possible in decisions that affect them
recognition and rewards
Recognition and Rewards
  • Rewards Home Page:
  •  Has someone made the difference in the team?
    •  Send an e-card choosing one of the capabilities - Heart, Trustworthy, Helpful, Inspiring, Straightforward.
    • Remind the person that they have made the difference, are recognised and appreciated:
    •  5 cards can lead to £25 to spend on what you want.
  •  Instant financial recognition awards available when someone really went out of their way to support the customer and team needs
  •  Some recent examples of thank-you’s
    • Covering sick member of the team with very little notice.
    • Taking on additional work when pressure on the team to achieve challenging targets.
    • Helping others to achieve within the team.
    • Giving up family time to help the business achieve its targets..
  •  It doesn’t take 2 minutes to send an e card - brighten someone’s day and send one soon ... 
msl talent pool
MSL Talent Pool
  • Commitments from BT MSL to its talent pool members:
  • A formal annual career development review
  • Events and access to build individual knowledge, visibility and networks
  • Developmental career moves and short term opportunities
  • Creating and delivering a development plan which could include:
    • Access to leadership development programmes
    • Job-specific development
    • Mentoring from a senior manager
    • Coaching from a senior manager
  • Commitments expected from talent pool members:
  • Continued exceptional performance
    • achievement of objectives
    • role model capabilities and behaviours
    • evidence of commitment to BTMSL and our values
    • demonstrated support of the expected culture and service delivery model
  • Event/ Programme attendance
  • Talent networking – development of relationships
  • Contribute to acquisition and development of other talent
  • Accountability for their own development and related action planning.
well done for being accepted into the 2011 msl talent pool
Well done for being accepted into the 2011 MSL Talent Pool

Kenny Fitzpatrick     -  Engineer - DNO

Graham Slorach– Engineer - DNO

Paul Coop                  – Engineer - DNO

Paul Ellis                    – Engineer - DNO

Neil Leahy                  – Senior Engineer - DNO

Steve Jones               – Team Manager - DNO

Pete Richardson       – Team Manager - DNO

Steve Hazon              – Lead Regional Voice & Data Engineer - Virgin Media

Brendan Sturgeon    - Planning, Routeing & Numbering Team Leader - Virgin Media

Darren Clark              – Development Team Manager - Harlequins

Ami Mandrekar– Application Support Manager - Harlequins

Richard Linstead– Manager of IT Design and Development - Harlequins

Chris Johnson          - Operations Performance Analyst - Infrastructure

Sarah Carr                 – Team Administrator – Infrastructure

reward choices 2011 selection
Reward – Choices 2011 Selection


If an employee is on leave during the enrolment window they can e-mail Group Reward to register in a different way – details in 17 August comms


BT Group How we’re doing - strategy

  • Consumer – now over 200,000 BT Infinity customers (around a third of them new to BT Retail); over 600,000 BT Vision customers; over 3m wi-fi hotspots (new deal with Hilton Worldwide)
  • Business – IT services and mobility revenue up 7%, as small businesses move to a single supplier
  • BTGS – good opportunities in AsiaPac; largest ever contract in LatAm region (Brazilian Post Office and Telegraph Company - Correios)
  • BT Wholesale – growing CP customer base for IP Exchange and fibre products; continued growth of Ethernet circuits
  • Network – more than 5m premises passed by our super-fast broadband network; almost treble the number of customers using the service in last six months

BT Operate’s strategy


What it means for us

We will…

A1 Information Driven Business

A2 Optimise financial planning

A 3 Production & operational planning

Operate 2014

Operate 2014

B1 Lean Service L2C

B2 Lean ServiceT2R



C1 C2M uplift

C2 Network & IT capacity managment

C3 Rationalise products

C4 Rationalise applications

C5 Rationalise networks

C6 Rationalise data centres & locations

C7 Purchasing excellence & optimisesuppliers

Operate 2014

Operate 2014

D1 Role clarity & accountability

D2 Leadership impact and employee involvement

D3 Location strategy

KEY - Level of involvement

Directly Partially Not really


bt wholesale strategy
BT Wholesale Strategy

Service as a differentiator

Improve margins and cost

Grow the business


of choice, growing revenue and profit

Make this a great place to work


bt wholesale improve margins and reduce costs

BT Wholesale improve margins and reduce costs


Improve profitability of existing products and contracts

We need to continue to attack all cost areas

Deliver underlying SG&A costs reduction


Drive down cost of sales for products and contracts

Deliver Underlying TLC

Reduce 3rd party costs


Improve costs after gross margin

Reduce internal costs (BTO/BTID)


Reduce SLG payments

Create process efficiencies within BTW and across Group

in managed services continuing success will require better and broader delivery skills

Sell more Managed Services

In managed services, continuing success will require better and broader delivery skills

Develop new growth concepts

Evolve core products and services