recycled metals management system
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Recycled Metals Management System

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Recycled Metals Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recycled Metals Management System. New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department June 25, 2014 Project Closeout. Page 1. Executive Summary.

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recycled metals management system
Recycled Metals Management System
  • New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
  • June 25, 2014
  • Project Closeout

Page 1

executive summary
Executive Summary
  • The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department was tasked in 2008 with the registration of Recycled Metal Dealers. RLD is required to “maintain an electronic database” which must be “accessible to the public. Records received by the department . . . shall be made available in the database by the end of the second business day following receipt by the department.” The records that RLD receives are “record[s] of purchase” of “secondhand metal dealer” select metal purchases bought or sold in the state.

Page 2

project history
Project History
  • 2009 - New Mexico Statutes Chapter 57, Article 30 - Sale of Recycled Metals Act, 57-30-1 through 57-30-17
  • Funding - LAWS 2012 HB2, Chapter 19, Section 5, Item 13
  • Pilot registration system in service 7/2012
  • FTP site operational for dealer transaction upload
  • Project Initiation Certification ($100,000) - August 2012

Page 3

project goal
Project Goal
  • As part of a FY13 appropriation, RLD prepared to deploy a Recycled Metals Management System, to include the design and development of a centralized database as well as to develop a software application wherein dealers could electronically submit their transactions directly to this centralized database on a daily bases. Access to this database was to be restricted to law enforcement officials only for the first phase.

Page 4

budget current expenditures
Budget(Current Expenditures)

The Recycled Metals Management System project was not handed off from the previous Business Analyst to other RLD staff when he resigned. Internal IT staff did not know the current state, any contracts that needed to be executed or what was left to complete. RLD lost the remaining appropriation for this system at the end of FY13.

Page 5

current state of rmms
Current State of RMMS
  • Internally built web application has been built and has completed final testing.
  • Solution includes:
  • Dealer Administration
  • Metal Type customization
  • Internal User Administration
  • Dealer Login
  • Single Transaction Entry
  • Bulk Upload Utility
  • Dealer Transaction Search

Page 6

lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Hire a project manager to maintain the project from start to finish.
    • At this time RLD IT does not have adequate internal staffing to maintain a project of this scope adequately.
  • Consider a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution rather than a custom built application.
  • Include end user staff in the all phases of the project.
  • Need to improve project handoff between internal IT staff.

Page 7

rmms statistics
RMMS Statistics
  • 104 Registered Dealers in RMMS
  • 96 Registered Dealers loading sales to RMMS system
  • 50,546 Individuals have sold recyclables to reporting Dealers
  • 786,400 individual transaction uploaded since January 2, 2014
  • 4 standard queries being used by Law Enforcement
  • 156 Law Enforcement Individual profiles currently set up with query capability


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