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Introduction and Intentions

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Introduction and Intentions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction and Intentions. We are a new educational nonprofit that intends to govern high quality charter schools for vulnerable populations of youth in New York City. Our proposed schools: 1 elementary school in Manhattan CSD 6 1 middle school in Queens in CSD 24

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introduction and intentions
Introduction and Intentions

We are a new educational nonprofit

that intends to govern

high quality charter schools

for vulnerable populations of youth

in New York City.

Our proposed schools:

1 elementary school in Manhattan CSD 6

1 middle school in Queens in CSD 24

1 high school in Brooklyn in CSD 32

board of directors
Board of Directors

LisetteGonzalez, Chairperson:

Executive Director of the Campaign Office at Friends of Seth Williams

Steven Runkel, Treasurer:

Vice President of Marketing and Sales at B & B Electronics

Thomas Darden, Secretary:

Executive Director of NY School Operations at ASPIRA, Inc. of PA

Christine Castillo, Member:

Account Executive at Benecci Corporation

Dr. David Lopez, Member:

Chief Executive Officer at LD Associates, Inc.

planned partners contractors
Planned Partners / Contractors

Charter Management Organization:

ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania

Community-Based Organization:

ASPIRA of New York, Inc.

Higher Education Partner:

(Still Needed )

Special Student Supports:


Success Schools



Thomas Darden, Executive Director of NY School Operations

Ellen Espaillat, Outreach Coordinator for NYC Schools

Diana Dahl, Business Development Director

Intentions in New York:

High-quality charter schools that provide excellent academic

programs and serve all students, including English Language

Learners (ELL) and special education students.

why are we applying to start schools in new york
Why are we applying to start schools in New York?

1. The NYC Department of Education (DOE) is seeking high quality charter school operators across the nation, and have invited us to apply because of our proven success.

2. We have a current student population that is about 90% low-income, and almost 40% special education students or ELL, and we are producing strong results with all subgroups.

3. There is a large need for dual language education models in NYC, and our dual language model is proven effective.

4. There is over 2 times the number of English Language Learners (ELL) in NYC public schools (13%) than are being served in NYC charter schools (6%).

5. Over 50,000 students are on wait lists for NYC charter school enrollment.

6. ASPIRA of NY is a strong partner that can help us navigate the new city.

history and mission
History and Mission
  • In 1961, Dr. Antonia Pantoja and a group of Latino educators created ASPIRA to address the high drop out rate and low educational attainment of Latino youth.
  • The ASPIRA Association is the only national Hispanic organization dedicated exclusively to developing the educational and leadership capacity of Latino and other vulnerable youth.
  • The ASPIRA Association is the largest Latino nonprofit, education organization in the U.S. (over $100 million).
  • ASPIRA of PA strives to produce a cradle-to-college bilingual/biliterate educational model.
  • We provide interdisciplinary, technology-rich, data-driven instruction that provides multiple learning paths to meet the needs of all students.
  • We believe that leadership/character development is crucial in producing academically and socially conscious youth.
organizational capacity
Organizational Capacity

ASPIRA of PA offers:

  • Several years of successful school management & turnaround
  • Employment of over 700 staff members
  • Current capacity to manage almost $60 million in contracts
  • Access to and support from our national organization, The ASPIRA Association, and 8 other ASPIRA affiliates nationwide and in Puerto Rico
  • Strong partnership with ASPIRA of NY

ASPIRA schools benefit from our strong capacity to provide comprehensive operations:

  • Charter Conversion
  • Information Technology
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Nutrition Services
  • Transportation
  • Academics
  • Administration
  • Development / Marketing
foundational pillars
Foundational Pillars
  • Active Stakeholders
  • Community involvement
  • Parental participation
  • Involved Boards
  • Lasting partnerships
  • Satisfied funders
  • Focus on Social Change
  • All staff as change agents
  • Community development approach to societal transformation
  • Students developed into community leaders
  • Strategic partners aligned with our mission of social transformation through education

United Vision

  • Clear vision and organizational culture
  • High expectations for staff, students, and stakeholders
  • Value of diversity
  • Democratic processes and voices acknowledged
  • Collaboration and sharing of best practices
  • Explicit and dynamic success targets

Excellence in Education

  • Quality curriculum and differentiated instruction
  • Technology and innovation
  • Student-centered approach to teaching and learning
  • Strategic supports for special student subgroups
  • Rigorous staff development and accountability
  • Data-driven practices and consistent quality improvement

Outstanding Operations

  • Financial stability
  • First-class facilities with technology-rich environments
  • Aggressive recruitment and hiring practices
  • Focus on safety and nutrition
  • Comprehensive marketing
cradle to college career system
Cradle-to-College/Career System

Charter Schools:

Enrichment Programs:

  • Preschool Programs
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Leadership Development Clubs
  • Youth Training Institute
  • Gender-based Programs
  • College Preparation Program
  • 21st Century Community Learning Center
  • Career Exploration Program
  • Extended School Year Programs
  • Summer Camps
  • Parent Empowerment Program
  • Stakeholder Groups
proven excellence
Proven Excellence

PequeñosPasos de ASPIRA

• 3-5 year olds; 385 students; over 200 students on waiting list

• Largest PreK/HeadStart program with the School District

of Philadelphia

  • School environment, not day care
  • Dual language instruction
  • Partnered with the Brain Development Institute
  • Grades K-8; 455 students
  • 1st bilingual charter school in the state of Pennsylvania
  • 97% student attendance; 95% student retention;

90% teacher retention

  • 8 consecutive years of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
  • 2011 School Performance Index (SPI) score of 2 out of 10

(1 is the top score for exemplary performance)

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School

proven excellence1
Proven Excellence

• Opened in 2008 with full enrollment in all 9 grades; grades K-8;

700 students

• Technology-rich learning environment

• 95% student attendance; 98% student retention;

94% teacher retention

• 3 consecutive years of achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

• 2011 School Performance Index (SPI) score of 2 out of 10

(1 is the top score for exemplary performance)

• Just completed its 2nd year of transition from a public to a charter school; grades 5-8; 700 students

• $2 million invested in the school prior to school opening

• Much local media recognition, including an exposé from Fox News that aired early in 2011

• 1st year behavioral results: suspensions from 492 to 4;

serious incidents from 90 to 10; attendance from 86% to 92%

• 1st year academic results: reading proficiency from 24% to 33%; math proficiency from 28% to 50%

Antonia Pantoja Charter School

John B. Stetson Charter School

proven excellence2
Proven Excellence

Olney Charter High School

• Just completed its 1st year of transition from 2 public schools into

1 charter school; grades 9-12; 1765 students

• New furniture for all classrooms, technology, curriculum, interior paint, 240 surveillance cameras

• Student Excellence Center and Parent Empowerment Center

• Much local media recognition, including articles in The Notebook, Metropolis, Impacto, and Al Dia magazines.

• 1st year academic results: reading proficiency from 18% to 30%;

math proficiency from 16% to 32%

• Of all Philadelphia high schools, Olney ranked #10 in math and

17 in reading on the 2012 PVAAS (PA Value-Added Assessment System) growth measure

• 1st year graduation rate of 93%

• Just completed its first complete school year; grades K-12; 175 students

• 1st bilingual cyber charter school in the state of Pennsylvania

• Several Advanced Placement course options

• 1st year graduation rate of 75%

ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School

  • All curriculum is aligned to state-standards
    • Currently working to align with the new Common Core Standards
  • Evaluation methods:
    • Authentic assessments
    • Diagnostic assessments
    • Standardized assessments
  • Data-driven culture:
    • Leadership team decision making
    • Professional development topics
professional development
Professional Development

Acknowledging Superior Practice in Rigorous Education


  • Whole school trainings once a week
  • Leadership team, professional learning community, grade group meetings each week
  • Master teachers mentoring/coaching classroom teachers
  • Field testing of instructional strategies
  • Rubrics provide a common language and unified culture of growth
  • Announced and unannounced classroom observations
  • Longitudinal data on teacher performance from consistent walkthroughs
  • Responsibility surveys provide cyclical system of accountability
  • Data always drives PD
differentiated instruction
Differentiated Instruction
  • Direct instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Technology integration
  • Team teaching
  • Guided and independent reading
  • Individualized instruction
  • Peer support
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Stations and centers
  • Hands-on activities
enrichment programs
Enrichment Programs
  • Elementary:
    • Afterschool programs
    • Afterschool clubs
  • Middle:
    • Afterschool programs
    • Afterschool clubs
    • Athletics
    • Tutoring
  • High:
    • Afterschool programs
    • Afterschool clubs
    • Athletics
    • Credit recovery
    • Internships
    • Mentoring
    • Tutoring
school culture and safety
School Culture and Safety

Learning Environment

  • Freshly painted school
  • School cleaned daily
  • New furniture and equipment
  • Technology purchases and upgrades
  • School uniforms
  • Core beliefs and norms
  • Transformation of the cafeteria and school food
  • Behavioral academy


  • Safety team members trained on restorative practices
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Student IDs
  • All staff participate in arrival and


school culture and safety1
School Culture and Safety

Parent/Community Involvement

  • Parent Empowerment Program
  • Home and School Association
  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • School communications

College-going Culture (high school model)

  • Student Excellence Center
  • TRIO Educational Talent Search
  • Credit Recovery
  • SAT tutoring
  • AP courses
  • Internships
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
special student supports
Special Student Supports

Curriculum and instruction to serve ALL students:

  • Special Education Students
  • English Language Learners
  • Behaviorally-Challenged Youth
  • Over-age, Under-credited Students
  • Students Below Grade Level
  • Students Above Grade Level
  • Mentally Gifted Learners
education partners
Education Partners
  • Success Schools
  • Develop an academy for behaviorally challenged youth
  • Assist, support, and train staff on the overall program
  • design
  • Develop individual academic and behavior improvement plans for each youth
  • Train students in leadership and character development, and implement a student government
  • Increase school safety and promote a positive school climate
  • Camelot – Excel Academy
  • Develop an accelerated program for over-age, under-credited youth to foster increased graduation rates
education partners1
Education Partners
  • ASPIRA of NY
  • Assist with community outreach in NY
  • Provide back office support to ASPIRA Schools of NY and ASPIRA of PA
  • Provide office space to ASPIRA Schools of NY and ASPIRA of PA
  • Provide enrichment programs to ASPIRA Schools of NY charter schools. They currently offer:
      • College Access Leadership Development Program
      • 21st Century Community Learning Centers
      • Out of School Time Programs
      • “Choice” and “Tribe” Gender-Based Programs
      • Summer Youth Employment Program
      • Beacon Programs
      • Parent Engagement Initiatives
  • ASPIRA of PA will develop staff in school operations
goals within the community
Goals within the Community
  • Establish the community as a vital and active partner in our school.
  • Design a school that meets the specific needs of the neighborhood we intend to serve.
  • Provide a cradle-to-college educational system that serves students with unique learning needs.
  • Ensure consistent avenues of communication with all local stakeholders, including open avenues for feedback, suggestions, etc.
  • Establish a strong partnership with the District and the public school with which we will be located.
plan for community involvement
Plan for Community Involvement
  • Electronic Methods:
  • We have developed a website for ASPIRA Schools of New York to keep everyone up-to-date on our school application and development progress:
  • We have developed an email exclusively for community input and feedback:
plan for community involvement1
Plan for Community Involvement
  • Personal Methods:
  • We will develop a School Advisory Committee (SAC) of local parents, business owners, elected officials, students, etc. to:
    • serve as the voice of the community throughout our school planning and development process;
    • help unite local organizations, institutions, and businesses to support school efforts;
    • offer feedback for improvement in school operations;
    • act as a consistent communication liaison between the school and its local neighborhood.
    • If you’d like to serve as a SAC member, please email
plan for community involvement2
Plan for Community Involvement
  • Personal Methods:
  • We will host community townhall meetings:
    • Meetings will be announced on the website and through the SAC.
    • We will host tours of our schools in Philadelphia for those wishing to see our school models in action:
      • Tour dates will be announced on the website and through the SAC.
    • We gladly invite community feedback through mail:
        • NYC Charter School Center
        • Attention: ASPIRA Schools of New York
  • 111 Broadway, Suite 604
  • New York, NY 10006
    • We also invite community feedback through telephone:
    • (212) 437-8383