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Geomarketing, Geolocation, Geotargeting, Geomatic, …

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Geomarketing, Geolocation, Geotargeting, Geomatic, … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geomarketing, Geolocation, Geotargeting, Geomatic, …. August 2013. Geomodeling the real world. The classification of spatial features generates several independent layers. Maps. Real world. Spatial D ata & Analysis. How many restaurants are within the circle ?.

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Geomarketing, Geolocation,

Geotargeting, Geomatic, …

August 2013

geomodeling the real world
Geomodeling the real world

The classification of spatial features generates several independent layers


Real world

spatial d ata analysis
Spatial Data & Analysis

How many restaurants are within the circle?

geomarketing information
Geomarketing Information
  • Where are my customers located?
  • Where are my potential customers?
  • Where are my shops, bankomats,..etc.?
  • Where are my competitors located?

Geomarketing information is information which enables the user to take better and faster decisions about sales activities.


Geoinformation Product

is defined as a specific piece of geoinformation

which provides an answer to a particular user’s question.




integrated hybrid positioning
Integrated Hybrid Positioning

New technologies can pinpoint your location at any time and place






50 meters

3 meters

300 meters

100 meters

6 meters

400 meters

61% of mobile users use their mobile in transport

geolocation marketing defined
Geolocation Marketing Defined
  • The use of a consumers geographical location for the purposes of marketing.
  • In Practice: Utilizes location based services (LBS) on mobile devices to pinpoint a consumers geographical location and deliver marketing materials to the consumer or to create a location based user experience to either sell a product or increase awareness.
  • Location based services: A fancy way for saying the use of GPS and land based towers to pinpoint location.
  • Marketing Materials: Any material created on behalf of an organization to establish authority on a subject, persuade a consumer to buy a product or increase brand awareness.
  • User Experience: Any form of interaction between consumer and company usually over a digital medium.
location based services lbs
Location-Based Services (LBS)
  • With all its privacy threats, why do users still use location-detection devices?
  • Wide spread of LBSs
    • Location-based store finders
    • Location-based traffic reports
    • Location-based advertisements
  • LBSs rely on the implicit assumption that users agree on revealing their private user locations
  • LBSs trade their services with privacy
  • LBSs make heavy use of context, including patterns in the location data, which is extracted using data mining methods.

71% of mobile users using geolocation: to go to a specific point or spot, …

the location of alzheimer s patients
The location of Alzheimer's patients

Alert! The tag is at the following address ...

Accuracy of 20 meters

Service delivers the address of the tag(by phone, Internet, etc.).

multiple use cases
Multiple Use Cases




Disaster Recovery

Equipment & Supplies

Location-aware Advertising

Social Networking

Social Gaming


Locate/Track Personnel

Search & Rescue

Monitor Military Campaigns

insurance example mapreduce for non relational data used in risk analysis
Insurance Example: MapReduce for Non-Relational Data Used in Risk Analysis

Fine Grained, Location-based Risk Analysis

How to increase the sophistication of risk profiling?

  • Use polygon-based tiling to define risk boundaries
  • 25 mile by 25 mile tiling artificially constrains risk borders
  • Analyst-defined polygons can incorporate local risk factors more accurately
  • Join polygon-based tiling to existing & new variables
  • Correlate with descriptive market data by zip code, e.g. average salary, age, years of residence
  • Deliver consistent yet iterative risk analysis/pricing
  • Analysts drive risk analysis in an iterative, hypothesis-driven way
  • All queries are logged for regulatory purposes

Key Characteristics:

Granular Data

Geospatial Strings

mapreduce use cases
MapReduce Use Cases
  • Use Cases
  • Genomic, Astronomical, , Geo-Spatial, scientific
  • Web log analysis
  • Text processing
  • Use cases
  • Data preprocessing
  • Image processing
  • Search indexes
  • Web crawling
  • Use Cases
  • Pattern matching
  • Visitor behavior
  • Graph & relationshipanalysis
  • Investigativeanalytics



the approach by workload and data type
The Approach by Workload and Data Type
  • Processing as a function of schema requirements by data type

Financial analysis, ad-hoc/OLAP

Enterprise-wide BI and Reporting


Active Execution

Interactive data discovery

Web clickstream, social feeds

Set-top box analysis

CDRs, Sensor logs, JSON

Image processing

Audio/video storage and refining

Storage and batch transformations

unified data architecture for the enterprise
Unified Data Architecture for the Enterprise

Any User, Any Data, Any Analysis

Data Scientists



Business Analysts

Java, C/C++, Pig, Python, R, SAS, SQL, Excel, BI, Visualization, etc.

  • Integrated Data Warehouse

Discovery Platform

Aster MapReduce Portfolio

Teradata Analytics Portfolio


  • Capture, Store, Refine




Web & Social

Machine Logs