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Post Harvest Losses

Post Harvest Losses. NEXT. Introduction. Utilizing improved post harvest practices often results in reduced food losses, which reduces cost of production, trade and distribution. Lowers the price for the consumer and increases the farmer’s income. .

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Post Harvest Losses

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  1. Post Harvest Losses NEXT

  2. Introduction Utilizing improved post harvest practices often results in reduced food losses, which reduces cost of production, trade and distribution. Lowers the price for the consumer and increases the farmer’s income. It also improves overall quality and food safety, and helps to increase the profits of the growers and marketers. NEXT end

  3. Definition Post harvest losses can be defined as losses of horticultural commodities in quality and quantity after harvesting till consumption. NEXT end Previous

  4. Extent Of Post Harvest Losses Post harvest losses reduce the quality of fruits and vegetables by 20- 30 per cent NEXT end Previous

  5. Causes of Post Harvest Losses NEXT end Previous

  6. Other Factors Causing Post Harvest Losses Genetic traits Environmental factors such as soil type, temperature. Wind during fruit set, frost, and rainy weather at harvest can have adverse effects on storage life, suitability for shifting, and quality. Cultural practices may have dramatic impacts on post harvest quality. Good agricultural practices (GAP) and post harvest handling, minimal processing, and distribution to consumers must be developed. NEXT end Previous

  7. Farmer must give careful attention to: Market demand for the products he will grow; he must know the market and his buyers. • Cultivation: Follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Appropriate harvesting harvesting and field handling. Suitable and attractive packing or packaging. Transportation in refrigerated van Market handling; possibly storage or refrigeration. Sales to consumers, wholesalers or agents Perishability of the produce. NEXT end Previous

  8. Common Causes of Post Harvest Losses Rough handling Inadequate cooling and temperature maintenance Lack of sorting Inadequate packaging NEXT end Previous

  9. Common practices for reducing Causes of Post Harvest Losses Minimizing rough handling Storage life - temperature management • Appropriate Post harvest processes- • harvesting, • cleaning, • grading, • cooling, • storing, • packaging, • transporting and • marketing Packaging in mango fruit NEXT end Previous

  10. Mechanical Damage (Physical Injury) The perishability of the horticultural produce makes them susceptible to mechanical injury, which can occur at any stage from production to retail marketing because of: Poor harvesting practices; Unsuitable field or marketing containers and crates, which may have splintered wood, sharp edges, poor nailing or stapling; Over packing or under packing of field or marketing containers; Careless handling, such as dropping or throwing or walking on produce and packed containers during the process of grading, transport or marketing. NEXT end Previous

  11. Mechanical Damage (Physical Injury) NEXT end Previous

  12. Diseases and insect-pests Fresh produce can become infected before or after harvest by diseases widespread in the air, soil and water. Post-harvest diseases can also be spread by: • Field boxes contaminated by soil or decaying produce or both. • Contaminated water used to wash produce before packing. • Decaying rejected produce left lying around packing houses. • Contaminating healthy produce in packages. NEXT end Previous

  13. Diseases and Pests INSECT AFFECTED FRUITS D I S E A S E S E D FRUITS Blossom end rot in tomato Fruit borer in tomato Fruit borer in mango Anthracnose in mango NEXT end Previous

  14. Principal Causes of Post Harvest Losses and Poor Quality (Vegetables) Potato • Mechanical injuries • Improper curing • Sprouting and rooting • Water loss (shriveling) • Decay • Chilling injury • (subtropical and tropical root crops) NEXT end Previous

  15. Damage by Temperature All fresh produce is subject to damage when exposed to extremes of temperature. • Freezing injury • Chilling injury • High temperature injury NEXT end Previous

  16. Remedial Measures To Control Post Harvest Losses Chlorination Optimum temperature Pre-cooling Waxing Role of ethylene in the post harvest life Proper handling, Packaging and Marketing Irradiation VHT (Vapour heat treatment) NEXT end Previous

  17. Let Us Sum Up Fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature. Produce is easily attacked by fungi and or bacteria causing diseases. Produce is damaged by physical or mechanical factors and become susceptible to various causes to be spoiled easily. Losses can be prevented by proper post harvest handling. Treatments like pre-cooling, chlorination, irradiation, vapour heat treatment, waxing, proper temperature management etc. may be applied for value addition. end Previous

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