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  1. The human body body

  2. Your liver filters everything coming into your body.that’s why alchol hurts your liver. Your liver

  3. Muscles are made of billions of tiny cells. Your muscles are held to your bone by tendons. Your muscles

  4. Grasshoppers comparison Grasshoppers have 9 lungs . Humans have 2. The respitory system

  5. Your skelatal system holds your body up;without it we’d be blobs of skin and organs.your skull keeps your brains together and safe. Your ribs hold in your heart,stomach,liver and intestines. Your skelatal system

  6. Your stomach Your stomach is like a crossroads. one way goes up to your mouth, the other to your your stomach there is acid that starts to dissolve your food and clump it into poop.

  7. Poop! Poop is a way for your body to get rid of digested food. On one piece of poop there is about 50 different life forms. Poop smells because of bacteria growing on it. Poop comes out in turd units because your anus closes it off.if you relax when pooping your poop will curl in the toilet.

  8. The human brain Your brain is in control of your body. It controls everything you do . It controls the nervous system and all the other systems. Your brains right side controls you left side of your body.

  9. Your urinary system Your urinary system is a complex system. It starts when you drink some water;it goes in one of the two holes wich leads to your stomach. From there it goes to your bladder and mixes with the toxins that your kidney separated from your blood

  10. Special thanks to bentrumbull And all the other websites.