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twins. 锦州实验学校 周丽. Unit 5. I’ m watching TV. Section A. 学习目标. 1. 掌握现在进行时的用法。 2. 会用现在进行时描述正在发生的事情 . 1.To learn the Present Progressive Tense 2.To talk about what people are doing. watch ing TV. do ing homework. read ing. clean ing. eat ing dinner. talk ing on the phone. swim ming.

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    1. twins 锦州实验学校 周丽

    2. Unit 5 I’ m watching TV. Section A

    3. 学习目标 • 1.掌握现在进行时的用法。 • 2.会用现在进行时描述正在发生的事情. 1.To learn the Present Progressive Tense 2.To talk about what people are doing

    4. watching TV doing homework

    5. reading cleaning

    6. eatingdinner

    7. talking on the phone

    8. swimming playingbasketball

    9. dancing painting

    10. watching TV eating dinner talking on the phone cleaning reading doing homework

    11. Happy Apartment There are many people in the happy apartment.

    12. Task1-Who has the best memory Look at the picture for 20 seconds. Try to remember people’sactivities. Then just stand up and say your answers. 记忆游戏。 观察图片20秒,站起来说出人们的活动。 比一比谁的记忆力最好!

    13. No.2 No.1 No.4 No.3 No.5 No.6

    14. What is he doing? He’sreading.

    15. What’s she doing? She’s swimming

    16. What are they doing? They’re dancing.

    17. What is she doing? She is watching TV.

    18. 现在进行时表示什么? 小组讨论: 现在进行时表示现在正在进行或发生的动作。 现在进行时是怎么构成的? 现在进行时的构成: 由be(am/is/are)+ 动词-ing形式构成的。 动词-ing变化规则:

    19. V-ing 变化规则: 1) 一般加ing . 如: play----playing watch----watching 2) 以不发音的e 结尾,去e 加ing. 如: take----taking come---coming 3) 元+辅结尾,且是重读闭音节的单词,双写辅音字母+ing. 如:run-----running swim----swimming

    20. play do talk have write come sit swim run playing doing 动词现在分词变变变 talking having writing coming sitting swimming running

    21. Task 2:pairwork What is he doing? He is playing computer games.

    22. What is he doing? Heis running.

    23. What is he doing? He is playing the violin.

    24. What is he doing? Heis painting .

    25. What are they doing? They are dancing .

    26. playing the guitar cooking running cleaning What is she/he doing? She/He is… Practice: Ask and answer questions about what people are doing in the picture. writing a letter doing homework talking on the phone watching TV

    27. Is he reading a newspaper? Yes, he is.

    28. He is watching TV. Is he listening to music? No, he isn’t.

    29. PAIRWORK Let’s guess what they are doing? Is Nancy doing her homework? No, she isn’t. She’s writing a letter.

    30. PAIRWORK Let’s guess what are they doing? Is Mary writing a letter? No, she isn’t. She’s playing with a bird.

    31. PAIRWORK Let’s guess what are they doing? Is Bill playing with a bird? No, he isn’t. He’s eating dinner.

    32. PAIRWORK Let’s guess what are they doing? Is Tom eating dinner? No, he isn’t. He’s painting.

    33. Task 3 Guessing game Please guess what people are doing?

    34. T: What is he doing? S: Is he…? S: Is he…? … He is playing the guitar.

    35. T: What are they doing? S: Are they…? S: Are they…? … They are dancing.

    36. T: What is she doing? S: Is she…? S: Is she…? … She is running.

    37. What,s he doing? Is he thinking?

    38. He,srunning.

    39. What are they doing? Are they…?

    40. They,redancing.

    41. What is he doing? Is he dancing?

    42. He is eating dinner.

    43. She is sleeping . T: What is she doing? S: Is she…? S: Is she…?

    44. She is doing her homework.