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Network Workbench

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Network Workbench - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Network Workbench. Katy Börner Bruce Herr Information Visualization Lab and Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center SLIS, Indiana University, IUB Talk at NetSci 2006. Network Workbench.

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Presentation Transcript

Network Workbench

Katy Börner

Bruce Herr

Information Visualization Lab and Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center

SLIS, Indiana University, IUB

Talk at NetSci 2006


Network Workbench

NWB is a cyberinfrastructure for network scientists that promotes, tracks, enables, and teaches about network science.


Network Workbench

  • Vital Information:
  • Funded by a 3-year $1.1 million NSF grant
  • Established to create a cyberinfrastructure for network scientists
  • PIs are Katy Börner, Albert-László Barabási, Santiago Schnell, Alessandro Vespignani, Stanley Wasserman, and Eric Wernert
  • Targeting network science researchers, practitioners, and students

Supported in part by the NSF IIS-0513650 award.


Network Workbench

  • Software Team:
  • Team Lead: Weixia (Bonnie) Huang
  • Developer: Ben Markines
  • Developer: Bruce Herr
  • Algorithm Developer: Santo Fortunato
  • Algorithm Developer: Cesar Hidalgo

Network Workbench

  • Parts of the Network Workbench cyberinfrastructure
  • Data
  • Access to diverse datasets
  • Software
  • NWB Research Tool – A flexible large-scale analysis,
  • modeling, and visualization toolkit
  • SciMaps – Knowledge domain visualizations
  • Bioinformatics education & research portal
  • Resources
  • Learning environment for new and future network science students
  • Papers
  • Index of current papers in network science
  • More to come…

Network Workbench

  • NWB Research Tool:
  • Built with the CIShell – a Plug-in based
  • Software Framework
    • Eclipse RCP-based framework
    • An empty shell for integration of diverse
    • plug-ins
  • NWB core will be tested for biomedical,
  • scientometrics, and physics research
  • Will be runnable over the web, on the desktop,
  • and on the desktop with a back-end server

Network Workbench

Demo NWB Research Tool


Network Workbench

  • Summer Improvements and Future:
  • Move plugin architecture to OSGi-based service architecture.
  • OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) is an industry standard
  • for 7 years now with an active standards board.
    • Alliance members include IBM (Eclipse), Sun, Intel,
    • Oracle, Motorola, NEC and many others.
  • An algorithm/plug-in will then be a service that can be used
  • in any OSGi-framework based system.
  • Connecting running frameworks over RPC/RMI will be greatly
  • simplified, enabling peer-to-peer sharing of data, algorithms,
  • and computing power.
  • CIShell could become a standard for creating OSGi Services for
  • algorithms and will provide a reference GUI that uses the
  • underlying services.

Network Workbench

  • Check these sites out:
  • Network Workbench Portal:
  • InfoVis Cyberinfrastructure:
  • CIShell Framework: