securing futures with the total financial group n.
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Securing Futures with the Total Financial Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Securing Futures with the Total Financial Group

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Securing Futures with the Total Financial Group

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Securing Futures with the Total Financial Group

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  1. Securing Futures with the Total Financial Group

  2. The Total Financial Group (TFG) is an organization that provides comprehensive financial consulting services, including insurance and investments to a diverse clientele. Ray Blunk is the president of the company and has 40 successful years of experience in the financial industry. Financial stability and independence are the main goals of their planning services. In a recession hit economy, where people have little hope of recovery, the Total Financial Group offers a glimmer of hope for those that want to save their future.

  3. An alumnus of the prestigious Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ray played an instrumental role in the success of The TFG. Unlike other companies for whom clients are just a number or an opportunity to make money, TFG treats all its clients with the utmost consideration. Their proficient services have earned them much praise in the industry, and they are proud to be serving the needs of their customers.

  4. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Xavier University in 1968. After completing his graduation, he enrolled for Masters in Business Administration and successfully completed his post graduation in 1969. His education gave him a huge advantage as it provided him with the proper theoretical framework upon which his future success rested.

  5. As a financial advisor Ray understands the importance of educating his clients about the nature of capital, and how it can be used to stabilize one’s future. Teaching and helping clients cope with financial disasters, and protecting their futures is Raymond’s way of contributing to society.

  6. Using his amicable social skills and good personality, Ray is able to develop strong relationships with his clients who entrust in him for advice regarding financial decisions. Apart from financial consulting, Raymond is a sports enthusiast who enjoys spending his free time playing golf and cycling.

  7. 11711 N. Meridian Street, Suite 110 Carmel IN, 46032 Phone: (317) 843-5880 Fax: (317) 843-5885 Contact Total Financial Group

  8. Thank You!