the next stage in metering delivering smart value n.
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Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore PowerPoint Presentation
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Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore

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Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore

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  1. The Next Stage in Metering“Delivering Smart Value” Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd.Bangalore

  2. Global Market Dimension Total Installation – 1.6 billion Meters worldwide (Domestics & Industrial) 70% of Meters Installed are Electro mechanical & 21% are solid state 9% Grid & Feeder meter Six Countries account for 59% of the world Meters demand. China, INDIA, Brazil, USA & Canada, Japan & Russia. Most important markets are China (16 million units), India (11 million) and Europe (8 million) per year. The European market demands medium- to high-end meters that include automated meter reading, LCD displays, and multi-tariff billing, while the developing like Asian regions mainly demand low-end meters that only perform energy calculation. Source: Metering International , Feb. 08

  3. “Smart & Intelligent” Meter Energy meters are to old-fashioned what mobile phones are to old-fashioned phones • Energy meters should be smart meters and can be networked on future-proof platform Meters should not be just digital ver. of electro-mechanical meters with bolted-on communications • Meters provide additional services and data • Meters are an integral part of smart systems • Meters are designed to grow

  4. Strategic Themes of Metering Automation Plain Vanilla Brave New World Main Street • One Way Drive-By Communication • Stand Alone System • Inexpensive but dead-end for the future • BPL, Advanced 2-Way • Seamless Integration Across Systems • Expensive but withmost options • Advanced 2-Way,PLC & Wireless • Separate but connected • Can be ramped andexpanded over time

  5. “Self-Healing” Technologies Will Change The Way We Manage And Respond To Outages… Utility Service Territory An All IP Network Retail Applications Utility Applications • High speed data • VoIP & VoD • Home energy management • Home Security & Networking • Smart appliance • Smart Home Networks • Video conferencing • Intelligent grid • Homeland Security & Monitoring • Automatic meter reading • Capacitor control • Demand prediction • Distribution transformer overload analysis • Proactive Customer Notification BPL, Fiber, Wireless, etc. Infrastructure Connecting - Unconnected

  6. Improving Customer services integrating with communication • Customer-driven operations model requires more efficient and wider use of technology and telecommunications in customer service • Extending automation in customer interface creates new opportunities in electricity networks use and management • Mobile workforce management and implementation of automatic metering system are significant development for the customers Network OperationCenter ElectricityNetworks Customer Service Customer Contractor Terminals

  7. Digital Technologies Example: “Smart” Distribution System • T • T • T • T Functionalities • Voltage control • Optimized load flow • Fault location • Equipment failure • detection • Power Quality evaluation Business needs • Improving reliability • Reduce costs • Energy efficiency • Customer satisfaction… Data • Voltages • Load currents • Fault currents • Temperature • Operations • Monitoring

  8. Broadband Over Powerline Metro Fiber Ring Architecture Internet Data Video

  9. Compact Meter • Only one part • The installation is same with traditional meter

  10. Smart Meters Compact & User friendly design Infrared Communication link

  11. Meter Consist of two parts Monitor Unit Display/Operation Metering Unit Metering/Controlling Infrared Communication

  12. Meter Display Metrological Parameters Tamper Indications Diagnostics Customized icons

  13. Design Philosophy Designed with high performance current transformers • Construction enables high quality & long life High stability with mechanical stress and temperature variation • Enhanced linearity in ratio & phase over a wide range of operating conditions • Excellent magnetic properties including low losses

  14. What A Future-Proof System Brings • Low cost metering services • On-demand and scheduled remote meter reads • Remotely manageable tariff tables and billing cycles • Multi-parameter load profiling • Distribution system optimization • Outage detection and isolation, restoration verification • Per meter power quality information • Load balancing • Tamper and theft detection • Advanced control • Remote disconnect and reconnect • Maximum power limiting • Optional direct load control • New energy or value-added service with minimal incremental investment

  15. Way Forward – Smart Meters • Open systems – A meter and communications platform that uses an open system reference model. He needed any new technology to ‘look & feel’ and interoperate with his existing SCADA and OMS. • Future proofing – Seamlessly add new, interoperable technologies. His communications platform had to provide the necessary bandwidth to handle new data feeds from new applications. • Under glass – A meter that included its antennae inside the meter. This was important because of a ‘hot swap’ with one device when a meter needed replacement. • One antenna –Communicate to housing appliances and to the substation with the same technology to lower the amount of internal hardware. • Control risk – Avoid the "bleeding edge" with a communications platform that is reliable and can be installed incrementally with off-the-shelf equipment

  16. Philosophy Smart meters provide both customers and their providers a convenient single point of access to real-time usage, price and alert information via on-premise displays or on the World Wide Web using standards-based APIs. Customers can select their own Demand Response program or rate schedule and receive automated current, hour-ahead or day-ahead pricing signals. Specific Demand Response requests can also be sent to customers automatically, including curtailment requests, critical peak pricing events and load control in near real-time, significantly reducing operational costs and complexity.

  17. Philosophy • License Free • Scalable • Speed • Data Security • Customized Capability

  18. Broadens the market and benefit of Demand-Side Management. Transmissionis like the Internet of theelectricsystem. Need to give customers thePOWERto make proactive, Value-based decisions that have a real, bottom-line impact on their business The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050; electricity’s global impact must be even greater in the 21st century to meet the world’s growing energy needs

  19. Thank you for your attention Crompton Greaves Limited Switchgear Complex- Nashik, Maharastra- India Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Limited Bangalore- India Time