f h laguardia community college employment career services center presents l.
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F. H. laguardia Community College Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER Presents PowerPoint Presentation
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F. H. laguardia Community College Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER Presents

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F. H. laguardia Community College Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER Presents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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F. H. laguardia Community College Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER Presents. THE JOB INTERVIEW. Written and Created by Edwin Roman. First and foremost….

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F. H. laguardia Community College Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER Presents

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    1. F. H. laguardia Community CollegeEmployment & Career ServiceS CENTERPresents THE JOB INTERVIEW Written and Created by Edwin Roman

    2. First and foremost…. • Questions are encouraged-If anything on this presentation is not clear, be certain to visit the Employment & Career Services Center Office in C-102. • Employment & Career Services Center can also help with mock interviews.

    3. What is a job interview? • A job interview is a formal meeting or conversation with a person to determine his / her qualifications as a job candidate.

    4. What should I be thinking of before I go on a job Interview? • Preparation • Personal Appearance • Information to bring to the Interview • The Actual Interview This following information will be elaborated upon in the next slides…

    5. How do I prepare for an interview? • Learn about the organization. • Prepare answers for general questions about yourself. • Review your resume. • Be on time; if you are going somewhere you are not familiar with, don’t wait until that day to figure out how to get there-prepare for your “interview trip.” • Dress professionally – first impressions are important!

    6. What about my appearance? • Be well groomed. • Dress appropriately-remember, it is better to be too conservative than too casual (even if the working environment is casual dress.) • Do not overdo cologne, perfume, makeup or jewelry (never substitute a bath with cologne!) • Do not chew gum. You do want your breath to smell good ofcourse; try mints that dissolve in your mouth instead.

    7. What type of information should I bring to the interview? • Resume (especially if you faxed or e-mailed it.) • Social Security Card • References (be certain to have ALL the required information.) • Products to show (this depends on what the position is-for example, if you are an education major, you may want to consider writing an original lesson plan.)

    8. Tips for a Job Interview • Answer questions concisely. • Respond promptly. • Use good manners; shake hands with the interviewer, listen without interrupting and thank them for their time. • Avoid using slang. • Be enthusiastic-watch your body language. • Ask questions about the organization.

    9. What are some mistakes I can make at an interview? • Arriving Late for the Interview. • Failure to look at the interviewer during the interview. • Indefinite responses to questions. • Having a “know it all” attitude. • Making too many excuses - be sure not to discuss the “drama” in your personal life or speak negatively about a past employer.

    10. More Mistakes… • Lack of career or personal goals. • Inability to take criticism (a common interview question addresses how you deal with criticism-a good answer would be to state, “I see criticism as a part of learning and I am open to all learning experiences.”) • Intolerant : having strong prejudices. • Overemphasis on money. • Lack of vitality. • Lack of maturity (if you laugh when you are nervous, gain some control over this.) • Narrow interests (employers don’t want a couch potato-mention things that exercise body and mind.)

    11. Prepare Your Answers • Take the interview questions detailed on the next two slides and prepare responses for them. • Never go into an interview without preparing some answers to questions in advance. • Practice saying your answers until they sound natural and unrehearsed.

    12. What are some common interview questions? • Tell me about yourself? • Why do you want to work here? • Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? • Why should I hire you? • What do you like to do in your spare time? • Do you have any questions for me?

    13. What are some of the most difficult questions I face during an interview? • What are your five biggest accomplishments in your present or last job or in your career so far? • Are you creative? Give an example. • What other types of jobs are your considering? What companies? • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    14. Is there anything else I should know or think about? • Dealing with the receptionist / front person: Do not act rude or superior. Be pleasant and it may pay off. Be aware that how you treat these gatekeepers will affect the net result of your visit with other important people in the company. It will also be communicated to those who make final decisions!

    15. Any questions?Please be sure to visit THE Employment & Career ServiceS CENTER IN C-102 for answers… Edwin Roman, 2004