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College/Career Readiness

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College/Career Readiness . ACT COMPASS KYOTE ASVAB WORKKEYS KOSSA Industry Certificates. College/Career Readiness Rate. 2. Opportunities to Demonstrate College Readiness. COMPASS or KYOTE. ACT – Junior year (required) COMPASS or KYOTE – Senior year. What If…

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college career readiness
College/Career Readiness







Industry Certificates

opportunities to demonstrate college readiness
Opportunities to Demonstrate College Readiness


ACT – Junior year (required)

COMPASS or KYOTE – Senior year

What If…

Student doing credit recovery jumps from grade 10 to grade 12 this year. How does this student demonstrate college readiness?

college ready

College Entrance Exam

1 point

College Ready

College PlacementTests

act accommodations affect accountability
ACT Accommodations Affect Accountability
  • ACT-Approved Accommodations = College Reportable Score

State Allowed Accommodations = Non Reportable College Score

  • Used in Growth calculation
  • Not used in College/Career Readiness (even if benchmarks met)
  • Used in Growth calculation
  • Used in College/Career Readiness
compass kyote accommodations do not affect accountability
COMPASS / KYOTE Accommodations DO NOT Affect Accountability
  • Students taking COMPASS or KYOTE may receive any accommodation that is listed on a current IEP, PSP or 504 Plan
  • These accommodations DO NOT affect accountability
college career readiness rate
College/Career Readiness Rate

Must meet CPE’s ACT Benchmarks

Use Student Name from IC

Based on Grade 12 students (graduates or completers with G-Codes in Infinite Campus)

Includes best score on English, Math and Reading from all ACT State and National Administrations in Kentucky and COMPASS or KYOTE scores

Data reviewed by schools and districts prior to fall report

college ready status
College Ready Status
  • Tracking of College Readiness is available on the JCPS CCR dashboard.
  • If you do not have access to this please contact:
    • Jimmy Genslinger:
college ready status1
College Ready Status

Includes all SENIORS in the school

If the data is not up to date (check date on screen), please contact Jimmy and he will pull the most current data.

college ready status2
College Ready Status

If you are not familiar with the dashboard please view the “CCR Dashboard User Guide” on the JCPS Testing Unit website.

This can be found on the Building Assessment Coordinator page under the COMPASS dropdown menu.

  • Administered to all high school juniors in March.
  • Confirm that high schools have determined test site establishment and accommodations procedures.
  • ACT CPE Benchmarks
    • Reading = 20
    • English = 18
    • Mathematics = 19
  • ACT Initial Test Day – March 4, 2014
  • ACT Makeup Day – March 18, 2014
  • ACT Accommodations Window – March 4-18

College Placement Assessment for Seniors

compass college placement
COMPASS® College Placement
  • Course Placement for colleges and universities

(Mathematics assessment includes Algebra and Pre-Algebra scores to aid course placement)

  • COMPASS® will not replace ACT as an admissions exam.
  • For College Admission requirements, contact the individual institution.
overview of program
Overview of Program
  • Opportunity for SENIORS who have not met ACT CPE benchmarks in:
        • Reading
        • English
        • Mathematics
  • Seniors may test TWICE
second administration
Second Administration

Seniors may take each eligible assessment twice.


  • Students receive intervention
  • First COMPASS® administration
  • Students who did not met benchmarks completed an additional intervention (MINIMUM FIVE DAYS BETWEEN ADMINISTRATIONS)
  • Second COMPASS® administration (only after intervention)
compass testing dates
COMPASS® Testing Dates

Open through

June 15, 2014

No testing window restrictions

compass college readiness
COMPASS & College Readiness
  • College Readiness will include scores meeting the benchmarks from:
    • Other Colleges’ scores added during Data Review
  • All Kentucky public colleges and universities can access KDE COMPASS scores.
training for compass administrators
Training for COMPASS® Administrators
    • Annual Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Regulations
training for compass administrators1
Training for COMPASS® Administrators


  • New staff must complete the New Administration Training
    • Online COMPASS® Training Series available from the JCPS Testing Unit website.
training for compass administrators2
Training for COMPASS® Administrators


Previously trained staff must view the COMPASS® Update Training (approximately 30 minutes)

compass contact information
COMPASS® Contact Information



  • JCPS
  • Testing Unit
    • Ryan Goepper
      • (502) 485-3388
  • COMPASS® Technical Support
    • (800) 645-1992
    • Option 2
    • Available 24 x 7
  • Intervention Information
    • April Pieper (NGL)(502) 564-2106

College Readiness Placement Exam for Seniors

  • Kentucky Online Testing placement exams for grade 12 students who have not met the CPE ACT benchmarks in English, reading or mathematics.
  • Trainings are available in August.
  • Program details are available from the user manual and the training sessions.
  • NEW: Irregularity Report Spreadsheet
kyote user s guide
  • Step by step approach
    • Create class and student accounts
    • Administer exam
    • Access results
      • BAC’s should grant access to Erica Thompson, Jimmy Genslinger and Joe Prather so data can be added to the JCPS Dashboard
  • Information
    • Preparing computers for exams
    • Calculator policies
    • Testing frequency policies
    • Passing scores

Mathematics ACT (18 and below) College Readiness Exam

Mathematics ACT (19-21)

College Algebra Exam

  • Purpose:

Students to be placed in College Algebra as require by their college major

  • Included in CCR calculation
  • Purpose:

Students to be placed in entry level mathematics credit bearing courses

  • Included in CCR calculation
kyote mathematics testing frequency page 5 kyote user s guide
  • 1. MATHEMATICS COLLEGE READINESS EXAM – This is the primary test seniors take (seniors who did not meet the ACT CPE benchmark of 19).
  • Administration–
  • Must be taken at the end of the trimester or semester
  • Students who are within 2 points of passing the exam (20 or 21 on Mathematics College Readiness Exam) should be given the opportunity to retake the exam within one week. This process can be repeated each semester or trimester of their senior year.
  • MATHEMATICS COLLEGE ALGEBRA EXAM– Only if students need a higher ACT benchmark (above a 19) for a college course they want to take. Math placement exam – Contact KY college for specific admission/major requirements.
  • Must be taken at the end of the trimester or semester
  • Students who are within 2 points of passing the exam (12 or 13 on Mathematics College Algebra Exam) should be given the opportunity to retake the exam within one week. This process can be repeated each semester or trimester of their senior year.
kyote reading testing frequency page 5 kyote user s guide


Administration -

Take at the end of a trimester or a semester

Student may take only one time regardless of score.

kyote placement accounts
KYOTE Placement Accounts

It is strongly recommended that schools create a placement account for each student:

  • Log on to    
  • Click on Register under Students. Enter the student’s
    • e-mail address,
    • first name, last name and
    • unique SSID- ten digit KDE Infinite Campus student number . It isessential that this number be entered correctly. There is no way to change it once the account is created.
  • For the complete process of setting up placement accounts consult the KYOTE User’s Guide
kyote data
  • Critical information for matching is correct name and SSID.
    • Incorrect SSID numbers CANNOT be corrected in the KYOTE system.
    • You will need to correct this during data review in order to receive credit.
  • KYOTE will return the student scores to KDE for inclusion in College Readiness.

Every A1 AND Non-A1 school SHOULD be administering COMPASS and/or KYOTE to support students in becoming college-ready

career readiness
Career Readiness

Career Academic (WorkKeys & ASVAB)

Career Technical (KOSSA & Industry Certificates)

opportunities to demonstrate career readiness
Opportunities to Demonstrate Career Readiness
  • Career Measures – Throughout high school
    • Career academic (ASVAB or WorkKeys)
    • Career technical (KOSSA or Industry certificates)
  • While the tests are optional, students must have these measures to be CCR.
  • Unless CTE Preparatory Student, ASVAB and WorkKeys does not increase your CCR.
preparatory students
Preparatory Students

No. Student must be enrolled in third credit of the same career pathway.

Student who has completed two career and technical education credits in a preparatory program and is enrolled in the third credit course(s) in the same career pathway.

What If…

A student is enrolled in welding for 2 credits and takes nursing for another credit. Is this student considered a Preparatory Student?

career ready




Multiple-Choice = 70

Constructed-Response = 75


Industry Certificate

Certification based on industry standards

  • WorkKeys = Silver or Above
    • Applied Math
    • Locating Information
    • Reading for Information


  • ASVAB = 50
    • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery


college career readiness for all
College/Career Readiness for All

Introducing KDE’s new resource page for CCR informationdesigned to be the starting point for all your College/Career Readiness answers.

career ready scheduling
Career Ready & Scheduling
  • 5 Star Schools – Cohort scheduling – Majors
  • Non 5 Star Schools
    • Work with CTE office
    • Review faculty credentials
    • Align KDE/KOCTE program of studies/majors to school major/course offerings and appropriate KOSSA or Industry Certification
    • Student scheduling – CTE course takes “required” importance/priority
career major planning links
Career Major Planning Links

CTE Programs of Study -

Valid KOSSA and Industry Certifications for CCR

Career Pathways FAQ -

EPSB Credential Look-up:

  • Job Skills Assessment
  • Available through local Area Technology Center or directly through ACT, Inc.
  • Student data should be entered into TEDS.
workkeys assessments
WorkKeys® Assessments

3 WorkKeys®Assessments:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information
  • Reading for Information
workkeys resource page
WorkKeys Resource Page

ACT WorkKeys Webcast (Overview of WorkKeys)

WorkKeys Preparation and Test Taking Strategies PowerPoint

ACT WorkKeys Website

Administration Code Training for ATC Principals, Local Districts & Administrators


Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards Assessment


Testing window: February 3-28, 2014

Administered at local high schools

Required for Senior Preparatory Students (or students can take a related industry certification)

Requires Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations training

kossa resources
KOSSA Resources
  • KOSSA Training video

  • Industry Certificates List


Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  • Part of CCR, the ASVAB assesses academic ability and predicts success in a wide variety of careers.
  • The Armed Forces Qualification Test or AFQT is the score computed from these four components of the ASVAB:
    • Word Knowledge (WK)
    • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
    • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
    • Mathematics Knowledge (MK).
  • To be considered Career Ready, students must score at or above the 50th percentile
asvab accommodations
ASVAB Accommodations

The only accommodation allowed for students with special needs is “extended time”. A student may be allowed only 30 minutes extra.

No other accommodation is permitted.

  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
  • Available through local Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)
  • CDs now received in districts (June); districts responsible for entering data into TEDS.
  • Contact: Glenn Stegemann, Program Mgr.
  • (502) 582-5921, Ext. 2241

industry certificates resources
  • Industry Certificates List

college career bonus
College/Career BONUS

Must be a CTE Preparatory Student

college career readiness jcps contacts

Testing Unit

Erica Thompson

Ryan Goepper

CCR Dashboard

Jimmy Genslinger

Career Technical Education

Ken Talley

Jennifer Truax

Jennifer Hill

Curriculum & Instruction

Pam Royster