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Chromatic Value, Monochromatic Images, Primary Colors, Hue, Saturation

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Chromatic Value, Monochromatic Images, Primary Colors, Hue, Saturation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chromatic Value, Monochromatic Images, Primary Colors, Hue, Saturation. Intro to Color Physics. Isaac Newton: discovered color was a function of light, all color is contained in sunlight. Color: the visible spectrum, aka Spectral Hues. Additive color.

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we see color when wavelengths are interrupted by matter
We see color when wavelengths are interrupted by matter.

In the case of a green leaf, all colors in sunlight are absorbed into the leaf except for green, which is reflected toward our eyes. If all wavelengths are absorbed we see black. If all wavelengths are reflected we see white.

p r i m a r y colors
  • RED
  • BLUE
  • Yellow

These are the primary colors in the subtractive (pigment based) color system. Mixing two primary colors produces Secondary colors: Orange, Green, Purple. Primary colors cannot be mixed from other colors.

  • The color quality identified by a color’s name. This is determined by a color’s wavelength.
  • Any of these colors fall under the general hue red.
  • The purity of a color, how ‘true’ it is. A color with no white, black, gray, etc added is said to be at Full Saturation.

Value: light or dark in colors

Colors have inherent values. In these Chromatic Value Scales the step at Full Saturation (full purity) arrives at different point in each scale. In yellow, it is step 4, red: step 7, blue: step 9. This is because pure blue is inherently darker than pure yellow.


TINTS: Color + White

  • Shades: Color + Black
monochromatic color schemes
Monochromatic color schemes

A combination of colors based on variations of value and saturation of a single hue. Perhaps some neutrals are also included to add variety and contrast.

Yellow Hickory Leaves- Georgia O’Keefe