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SINGING TO A GREENER TUNE. Current status of the music industry in addressing environmental sustainability. Desktop research 24 survey responses from across 13 countries Continued responses, feedback and engagement sought

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Current status of the music industry

in addressing environmental sustainability

  • Desktop research

  • 24 survey responses from across 13 countries

  • Continued responses, feedback and engagement sought

  • Results of this meeting will add content and direction to the report and initiative.

Report prepared by Meegan Jones & Xenya Scanlon

March 2010

  • Partnering of music and environment is in evidence across many nations, however…

  • Established programmes, research, resources, solutions providers, and actual greening activities undertaken, are clustered in UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

  • Disparity between developed, emerging and developing nations in awareness of environmental issues as they relate to themusic industry, as well availability of knowledge, tools and availability of solutions.

  • Many bands and festivals are creating campaigns and initiatives to promoteenvironmental causes or to “green” their activities and engage their audiences.

  • There are existing industry-led networks and campaigns which could be expanded at an international level.

  • The numerous local campaigns and initiatives remain perhaps the most effective and relevant for local audiences.

  • Transport (audience, equipment and supplies)

  • Energy consumption

  • Waste generation

  • An increase of consumerism and throw-away culture

  • Lack of industry-wide regulation in the area of environmental sustainability and few formal external drivers.

  • Insufficient know-how and availability of skilled staff.

  • Financial investment needed to undertake a thorough ‘greening’.

  • Lack of solutions available in some regions.

  • Facilitate networking between existing industry initiatives, mainly in developedcountries, and those regions and countries where there are none.

  • Assist in reducing the skills and knowledgegap in “greening” the music industry internationally.

  • Spearhead or catalyze targeted campaigns to address opportunities for greening of the industry or communicating wide-scaleenvironmental issues through music industry activities.

  • Sustainable Touring

  • Green Music Events

  • Supporting Environmental Causes

  • Audience Engagement

  • Green Venues

  • Green Music Production

  • - Studios

  • - CDs/Digital Delivery

  • - Instruments & Equipment

  • Ticketing

  • Merchandise


  • There are many resources currently available to guide music event producers how to ‘go green’ and to show bands how to ‘tour green’. However, these tools are not centralized, harmonized or accessible in languages other than English.

  • Greening Guides

  • Industry associations and info portals

  • Consultants and indentured staff

  • Greening Partners (NGOs)

  • Supply chain driven

  • Training & professional development

  • Management & measurement tools

  • Standards, Certifications and Awards

  • Regulation

  • Public disclosure and CSR Reporting

  • The results of this research report illuminate areas of opportunity and further discovery.

  • Activating Change

  • Resources

  • Festival and Live Music Event Producers

  • Solutions providers

  • Musicians/Bands

  • Music Delivery

  • Venues

  • Audience

  • Consultants/Staff

  • Regulating, licensing and funding bodies

  • Sponsors

  • EnvironmentalCampaigns & Initiatives

  • Awards

  • Tools & Auditing

  • Certification, Best Practice, Eco-Labelling

Please reflect on …

In order to tune the industry into ‘going green’ it is necessary to not only identify what the benefits of doing so are, but also what will motivate key industry players to action.