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Pediatric Surgery Presentation. By: Abdullah Hussain Al Saqqaf. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias. A developmental defect of the diaphragm that allows abdominal viscera to herniate into the chest. There are three types of CDHs’. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias.

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pediatric surgery presentation

Pediatric Surgery Presentation

By: Abdullah Hussain Al Saqqaf

congenital diaphragmatic hernias
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias
  • A developmental defect of the diaphragm that allows abdominal viscera to herniate into the chest.
  • There are three types of CDHs’
embryology and pathophysiology
Embryology and pathophysiology
  • What happens during fetal development?
  • What is the underlying pathophysiology?
  • What is the incidence?
  • What is the Mortality rate?
  • What is the Survival rate?
  • In which of the two genders is it more common?
  • Which side of the thoracic cavity does it more commonly occur in?
  • Which organs are more commonly herniating in this type of diaphragmatic hernia?
clinical picture
Clinical Picture

How do patients present?

What signs are expected to be found in

these patients?


Which investigations are used to diagnose a patient with a Morgagni’s Hernia in the antenatal period?

What other inv should be performed?


What investigations should be performed to diagnose a newborn with a Morgagni’s Hernia?

  • What is the most serious complication?
  • What other complications might occur?
  • What are the options of Management?