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  1. Cartoons Victor Vashi, Hongaarse cartoonist

  2. Red Primer for Children and Diplomats • This is Victor Vashi's magnum opus, an historical account of the rise of the Soviet Union from 1917-1967.

  3. Through all these perilous times, the Soviets worked hard to protect a peaceful image, but usually managed to reveal where they really stood.

  4. The Communist apparatus formed rings around the earth, made up of assorted political idealists, sicial misfits, bonafide spies, traitors and pleaders of the Fifth Amendment. All served the Kremlin cause in one way or another.

  5. First of all the Soviets had to protect the newly gained freedom of these peoples from enslaving efforts of the West.

  6. The glorious Red Army liberated Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Albania, Bulgaria, the eastern part of Germany and the eastern half of Austria. the Soviets have given these people full membership in the Soviet Empire with no strings attached.

  7. Peaceful coexistence has its economic side too. Vigorous import-export activities began immediately after liberation. Trains, loaded with goods and goodies, rolled back and forth between the Soviet Union and the countries, bringing the benefits of the great Soviet culture and civilization, and much needed economic aid.

  8. They developed industries in these countries and solved the problem of marketing by milking these industries of most of their products.

  9. And behind the iron Curtain, the satellites grew in their understanding that lemonade is very healthy, but not for the lemon.

  10. 1948 Also for the love of peace, the Soviets encouraged Markos to liberate Greece from the yoke of the West. But, after the alleged defection of Yugoslavia's Tito from the Kremlin line, this project had to be abandoned. Thousands of Greek children who were kidnapped are still in Iron Curtain countries.

  11. June, 1948 To show how thoroughly they honored treaties, in case anyone had any doubts, the Soviets threw a blockade around Berlin. the West responded to the Soviet whistle with the air-lift dance, and politely let the Soviets have complete control of the ground routes to Berlin

  12. 1949 Big postwar changes began to show in Asia. With the bessings of the world and the help of the Soviets, China was liberated by agrarian reformers. Their first concern was the fertilization of the soil, and they began by underplowing countless millions of Chinese farmers.

  13. The ultimate goal, of course, remains the same. Whether it will be carried out under the rule of Moscow or of Peiking, or at all, remains to be seen. But try they will, as they always have.

  14. From time to time, the Soviets took time out to daydream about the ultimate goal -- all the people of the world peacefully and happily united under Communist rule

  15. The economic and cultural developement of underdeveloped countries was a pet project of the Soviets. A heavy flow of aid constantly poured into them.

  16. The Soviets were naturally irritated by the protests of the Western Allies about the repeated Soviet blockades of the Berlin land routes. So they established the sovereign East German Socialist Republic to give the West an authority to turn to concerning blockades and similar matters.

  17. East Germany was a full sack, but it had a leak. Day after day thousands were foolish enough to choose the West in preference to Communist Paradise.