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The Result of Being Justified by Faith PowerPoint Presentation
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The Result of Being Justified by Faith

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The Result of Being Justified by Faith - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Result of Being Justified by Faith

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    1. The Result of Being Justified by Faith Romans 5:1-11

    2. Review All have sinned and are in need of salvation God is righteous and cannot fellowship sin The gospel shows how God could save man while remaining righteous A salvation that could not be based on perfect works (keeping the law flawlessly) A salvation that would be based on faith Like in the cases of Abraham and David The salvation then is a gift (grace) because it is not earned That does not mean salvation is unconditional Faith itself is one of the conditions on the gift

    3. Peace with God Rom 5:1-2 What is the result of being justified by faith? Peace with God Peace (Grk eirene) harmony, tranquility, concord Isa 59:1-2 Sin set us against God, discord Gods plan restores the harmony How can we have peace with God? Through Jesus Christ His death paid the price for our sins Therefore the sins can be forgiven He gave us access to grace which let us stand He gave us reason to rejoice and have hope

    4. Glory Rom 5:3-4 The glory in v. 3 is not the same as the glory in v. 2 V. 2 doxa dignity, honor, praise V. 3 kauchaomai have confidence, have joy Often used negatively when the confidence is in self or in works Same as the word rejoice in v. 2 glory in tribulations We rejoice in the hope we have in God (v.2) We rejoice in our suffering (v. 3) Why?

    5. Tribulation produces perseverance To put it another way suffering produces patience (hopeful endurance, patient continuance) For one who understands he deserved death Suffering is a minor problem For one who trusts Gods promise of eternal life Suffering is a minor inconvenience For one in sin Suffering causes irritation, anger, complaints, rebellion, and accusations against God They have no hope, no consolation, no future to patiently look forward to

    6. Perseverance produces character Character (Grk dokime) = proof Patience produces proof, proof of what? Of who you are Of what you believe Of your faith When you suffer and are able to patiently endure, you show proof To yourself, that your faith is genuine To the world, that your faith is strong

    7. Character produces hope Once you have the proof (character), then your hope is strengthened You know you can make it because you have made it so far As you manage to keep going when you were certain you could not, you have more hope Rom 5:5 That hope will not disappoint us No chance that heaven might not be there No chance it may not live up to our expectations Because we have already experienced the love of God in our own lives

    8. The love of God Rom 5:6-8 The ultimate example of love was God giving His Son to save sinners Some are willing to die to save good people or innocent people Not many would be willing to risk their life to save someone condemned to die Jesus gave up (not just risked) His life for those who were condemned to die due to their own sins If He was willing to make such a sacrifice, then we can have assurance that there is a reward

    9. Reconciliation Rom 5:9-11 He ties v. 9 back to Rom 5:1 justified by faith justified by His blood peace with God saved from wrath through Jesus through Him The difference, faith and blood, shows difference in viewpoint What God requires of man What God did for man Both are true and necessary

    10. Reconciliation Reconcile (Grk katallasso) a change in status or relationship E.g., 1 Cor 7:11 between husband and wife With men it usually implies changes by both But God is never the object of reconciliation God is always the reconciler, but never the reconciled Why? Because He never changes we left Him (by sin), He did not leave us But He is willing to reconcile us to Himself

    11. Reconciliation If God took the trouble to reconcile us to Himself when we were at fault Then the fact of salvation is certain Of course, to be saved, we must first be reconciled By offering His Son, God gave us the means of reconciliation Rom 5:2 we have access by faith Some never accept the offer of reconciliation, never use the access we have been granted Confuse access (faith) with accomplishment (salvation)

    12. Reconciliation We rejoice (same as rejoice in v.2 and glory in v. 3) rejoice in hope v.2 rejoice in tribulations v.3 rejoice in Godv.11 Through Jesus who brought us the means of reconciliation with God

    13. Conclusion What does justification by faith do for us? Allows us to be at peace with God Allows us to have hope Allows us to endure suffering Allows us to see proof of our change Allows us to be reconciled to God Allows us to be saved Allows us to rejoice in God Wont you take advantage of Gods offer?