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Desktop Publishing

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Desktop Publishing
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Desktop Publishing

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  1. Desktop Publishing Desiree Sartin MHS Business Education 2012

  2. The Career of a Desktop Publisher • Your next assignment teaches you about the career of a desktop publisher - publishing as a career. Please e-mail this assignment . Thank you! • I will be reviewing how to copy and paste, along with doing it in multiples. You will also be taught how to use text and ruler and column guides (remind me to teach you about column guides.)

  3. On the Road Recreate a… • Stop sign • Yield sign • Speed limit sign • Wrong Way sign • 2 street signs (should have already completed this) • a car - along with some background designs • face of a human

  4. Making a Name Tag • Make a name tag - visit • Make sure that they are legible and do not extend past the computer monitor.

  5. American Flag • You will need to create 50 stars that are equally in size and equally spaced apart - use your skills and copy and paste multiple the stars along using your ruler guides. • Your 13 stripes must also be the same size along with being equally spaced. When you are finished it must not be an insult to our country. • Some of you will be able to complete this with in a short amount of time while others may struggle - so I ask that if you should finish early please help out your neighbors.Complete the American Flag, magazine ad, and the house plans. Make sure you are being creative and are reaching your fullest potential when it comes to using the techniques that you have learned so far.

  6. Spirit Coupons • Today you will be completing McComb High School spirit coupons • Work alone or with one other person • Spirit coupons are a form of motivation to be passed out for students who do well in their classes. • Business card or ticket size • Tiger bucks, spirit coupons… however you set it up. • Create a sketch on a piece of typing paper turn it in before class ends

  7. Font-fill • Today we will learn how to create a character outline frame - you will • select a fat font • remove the background fill • place a photo of your liking behind it.

  8. Podcast • What is a podcast? Don’t tell me show me… • After completion of extensive research on cyber safety students will create an informational podcast that would serve as a public service announcement about the importance of internet safety. • Write out a 30 sec. to 1 minute public service announcement about cybersafety. • Use your telephone, computer, or mp3 player to record your podcast. • Create a podcast about cybersafety

  9. Atomic Learning • What is atomic learning? • Use the internet to answer the question what is atomic learning? • Write a 4 – 5 sentence paragraph as a discussion question on • Cite your sources always!

  10. …Projects • Create the word DREAM from materials found in class or at home. • Place your creation on one of the doors of my classroom. • Objective: Students will use Microsoft Publisher to create four separate Web Sites. • #1 Learning Application - FBLA Ski Retreat • #2 Learning Application - The Rose Garden Catering Service • #3 Challenge Application - Pamper Me Day Spa • #4Challenge Application - Personal Web Site

  11. DTP Cruise Ship Project • Monday - Design a Boarding Pass • Tuesday - Design a Scratch off Card • Wednesday - Design a Table Tent • Thursday - Design a Boarding Pass Holder • Friday - Cruise Ship Mania - Final Day / Complete all Projects

  12. Art Museum Exhibit Brochure • Use Word or Publisher to create a three-fold Art Museum Exhibit Brochure. • Include the following • Name of Your Exhibit, Your name, Class, class period, and my name • Information about Your Exhibit • Pictures • Name of the Museum, Address

  13. Product Labels • Let's challenge ourselves and recreate a product label as close as possible • You may bring in any product, examples… soda, gum package, candy bar, etc.

  14. Create a Political Campaign Commercial : Students will use PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker to create a commercial. A rubric will be distributed with requirements.

  15. Countries, Board Games • Web Design Project: • Students will create a web site containing information on 4 countries they would like to visit. • Desktop Publishing - Children's Board Game: • Students will partner and come up with a theme for a board game for children. • The board will be created using Microsoft Publisher using a grid layout.

  16. …Projects • Game Design "This is Jeopardy“ • Creating Greeting Cards • Game Boad Assignment • Magazine Project/Ad • Create a Career Slide show / Use the Internet for research • Using Microsoft PowerPoint students will design a children's storybook with animated gifs

  17. …Assignments • House Plans • Brochures • Websites • Table Tents • Postcards • Certificates • Photo Editor • Advertisements • Graduation invitations • Employment Application • Business Cards • Game Boards • Magazine Reply Cards • Bookmarks • Posters • Door Hangers • Newsletters • CardsRaffle tickets • Calendar • Menu

  18. Websites • Let's explore some wonderful tutorials! • • Explore the pathfinder, live trace, re-creating logos, etc.