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What Are the Best Resume Templates for Career Search 2017?

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What Are the Best Resume Templates for Career Search 2017? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'What Are the Best Resume Templates for Career Search 2017?' - ronewillis12

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Best Resume Templates for Career Search 2017

If you will look for marketing resume templates online, you will get a glimpse of what to

include in your resume as well as use some of them as models when creating your own

resume. In today’s post, check out the best templates that you can make use of for an

effective application in the coming year.

What to Remember for Resume Templates Marketing

Hiring managers are not machines because they do not recognize keyword, which

means you need to avoid keyword stuffing.

The best template is developed to keep up with tools online or software.

You need to add summary statement in your resume because it is one of the

essential aspects of job resume allowing you to write a short description of what

you achieved.

What to Consider for Marketing Resume Template

In creating your resume, there are tips and suggestions you need to know. Keep in mind

that hiring managers are meticulous persons, so you need to be careful on what template

you will use. Here is a short discussion about the commonly used templates for 2017.

The chronological resume type is a good template and it will help you to display

your career statement or objectives. It will highlight your career summary and with

this template, you need to write the information using reverse chronological order

together with all your work accomplishments related to the position you are


The functional resume template will not work for people who have gaps in their

work history. This is not a good template for people who will re-enter workforce


The combination resume type is the best to use because it incorporates the

functional and chronological resume format. With it, you can highlight your best and

relevant qualifications at the same time giving the hiring managers the chance to

check your work history.

Updates with Resume Templates


In order to win the battle and get the position, you need to submit a high quality good

marketing resume. It is important that you always follow the latest trends so that you can

get the attention of the recruiters. It is important that you update your resume all the time

and make sure that it is specific. On the other hand, if you still have a hard time, you should

not worry because you have lots of time to make a research online.

Best Resume Templates 2017

In applying, you know what you need to highlight your significant values to win the

competition. According to experts, it would be beneficial on your part if you place your

resume title below the personal details for the hiring managers to find it easily. On the

other hand, it is more beneficial for people who have more work experiences.

Buzzwords to Use in Best Marketing Resume

Action verbs:

In your opening, you need to use action verbs that describe your achievement. You can use

bullet points to be followed by impressive outcomes or results that you have delivered. For


Delivered Grew Initiated

Transformed Developed Motivated

And then, you need to quantify the output. For instance:

Transformed a $4m project through overhauling project resources that include

stakeholder engagement, which is within the budget and will be completed on time

Buzz Words

When submitting your resume online, you need to use words that are searchable that used

by recruiters in finding your resume. Some buzzwords include:

Specific systems like Oracale, Remedy, SAP

Professional training qualifications like PMP, CCNA, AACA, MBA

Languages skills like industrial relations, TCP, accruals

Markets or sectors you have worked in like manufacturing, B2B, financial services,

national, multilingual

Memberships or affiliations like Member of CIPD

Publications such as demonstrate specialist knowledge

Note: You need to avoid statements or buzzwords that will minimize the impact of your

resume. You also need to avoid lengthy profiles. What you need to do is to make your


profile powerful and attention grabbing. You need to inspire the reader so that he will

accept you and get an interview.

What Your Resume Must Have

It is essential that you know what your resume must have in order to highlight your best.

You need to follow the latest trends and to get rid of sections that are not important. You do

not need to have all the sections in writing your resume because what important is that you

demonstrate what you have.

Template 1:

Personal details: In here, it includes your complete name, address, email address.

Job title: The position you are applying.

Summary: The summary of your accomplishments and years of experience related

to the position you are applying.

Accomplishments: It should be a list of your accomplishments and make sure it is

related to what you are applying.

Work experience: Include only those relevant work experiences that will help you to

get the job.

Education: List the name of the schools you attended, the year you graduated, your

degree and any awards or honors you received

Template 2:

Personal details: Your personal information such as whole name, address, phone

number and email address.

Summary: A short summary of what you have achieved, and it will be better if you

write numbers because it will show what you have achieved.

Highlights: Highlights of what you get such as your accomplishments and


Experiences: List the work experiences that are related to what you are applying.

Education: Write the name of the schools you attended, year graduated, degree

completed and awards received.

Samples of Easy Resume Templates

Check these templates so that you get an idea of what you need to include or what you

should write in your resume, but before you start, make sure that you know what format

you will us, whether it is chronological, functional or combination resume type.

Samples of Good Resume Templates


#1 Business Resume Template: It is an organized resume template with personal profile,

achievements and contact details sections, to name a few. Use it for an attractive resume


#2 Management Resume Template: It is another sample for writing your resume. It comes

with two columns for better organization and formatting.


#3 Resume for Teachers: This is an easy to red resume with good organization and

formatting. Use it for inspiration today!


If you are applying for a nurse position and looking for nursing resume template, you can

check out the web. There are samples out there that you can check out.

Finally, whether you are looking for nurse resume templates or marketing templates, you

are lucky because there are samples online. Start searching the internet so that you can

begin writing your resume and impress the hiring managers.

Use these marketing resume templates today!