K linefelte r s yndrom e
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K linefelte r S yndrom e. This disorder is named after Dr. Harry Klinefelter who was the first to repot the symptoms in 1942. BY: Reilly F lodin & Alex Staffa. Inherited?.

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K linefelte r s yndrom e


This disorder is named after Dr. Harry Klinefelter who was the first to repot the symptoms in 1942

BY: Reilly Flodin


Alex Staffa


Klinefelter (xxy) syndrome isn’t really inherited per say rather, it’s an accident where either an egg that already has 2 X alleles is fertilized by a regular sperm that has the Y allele, or a regular egg with one x allele is fertilized by a sperm with x and y alleles.

About 1 in 750 males is affected by this disease, also it is almost never passed on, when cells are splitting to make sperm the problem is usually corrected by the cell

Diagnosis and prognosis
Diagnosis And Prognosis

To diagnose this syndrome , which usually doesn’t appear until puberty, doctors look at the chromosomes of the person and they determine whether or not that person has an extra X chromosome

Klinefelter’s syndrome has no effect on the life span of a person.

Symptoms treatments
Symptoms & Treatments

Infertility is the main problem with the xxy syndrome, the body just doesn’t produce nearly enough testosterone and too much estrogen to fully complete puberty correctly, this also can make the male start to grow breasts.

The only very effective treatment is to take male hormones to stimulate normal male growth. Regular testosterone injections are often the treatment of choice for those with Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Everyday life
Everyday Life

Most men with the help of treatment head on to lead normal and successful lives.

Some men try not to use testosterone injections or pills and are infertile so they cannot have children of their own, also their bodies can resemble that of a woman’s.

There will never be a true cure until it’s impossible to remove a whole chromosome, but treatment completely reverts the disorder so a cure may not be necessary

Anyone seeking help for this problem can visit these pages or orginizations: klinefeltersyndrome.org/

The American Association for Klinefelter SyndromeInformation and Support(AAKSIS) www.aaksis.org/

These people have klinefelter s syndrome
These People have Klinefelter’s syndrome

Interesting fact: there are variants of this disorder where there are multiple x alleles Ex: xxxyxxxxyxxxxxy all these of course are EXTREMELY rare