pre columbian north america n.
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Pre-Columbian North America

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Pre-Columbian North America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Columbian North America. The Impacts of Geography on Native Cultures. What do we mean by:. Geography Natural Resources Culture. Geography. What are our 5 themes of geography? (MR. HeLP ) Movement Region Human-Environment Interaction Location Place.

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pre columbian north america

Pre-Columbian North America

The Impacts of Geography on Native Cultures

what do we mean by
What do we mean by:
  • Geography
  • Natural Resources
  • Culture
  • What are our 5 themes of geography? (MR. HeLP)
    • Movement
    • Region
    • Human-Environment Interaction
    • Location
    • Place
how did geography affect ancient migrations
How did geography affect ancient migrations?
  • Geographic boundaries limited migration patterns due to lacking technologies
    • Mountains
    • Oceans
    • Rivers
    • Lakes
    • Deserts
    • Forests
why did ancient native peoples settle in different regions
Why did ancient native peoples settle in different regions?
  • With no previous knowledge of the geographic characteristics of North America, migrations of Native Americans took many routes.
  • Three great migrations occurred as peoples crossed a land bridge in the Bering Straight (Beringia) from the Siberian Peninsula to Alaska.
  • The last of these great migrations took place over 12,000 years ago and began much earlier.
how does geography promote differences
How does geography promote differences?
  • Geographic Isolation
    • Limits genetic diversity
    • Limits cultural exchange
  • Climate Adaption
    • Differences in clothing and building materials
    • Biological evolution
  • Natural Resources
    • Differences in language
    • Convenience economies
how were native people s cultures in north america similar
How were native people’s cultures in North America similar?
  • Write two to three sentences in the box in your graphic organizer describing how Native American cultures may have been similar.