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The Thrills and chills of Roller Coasters PowerPoint Presentation
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The Thrills and chills of Roller Coasters

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The Thrills and chills of Roller Coasters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Thrills and chills of Roller Coasters. Presented By Gage Holzhauer Project 16 Roller Coasters 1/11/12.

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The Thrills and chills of Roller Coasters

Presented By Gage Holzhauer

Project 16 Roller Coasters



Roller Coasters are the thrill of the world. As you fly around the track doing crazy inversions and at amazing speeds you get a weird feeling in your stomach that is exhilarating. Roller coasters are a lot of fun and entertaining.


The History of Roller Coasters

The roller coaster was first built in 1784 in Russia and others believe it was in Paris in the year 1812. The first roller coaster was built out of wood and its purpose was for entertainment. The first roller coaster in America was built in 1884 on Coney Island New york. The first friction roller coaster was in the 1920’s. But later on the steel roller coaster was innovated and is more popular and better.


Did you know

Below are ten fun facts about roller coasters

Longest coaster is the Steel Dragon 8,133ft

The fastest is Kingda Ka at 128mph

Their are 4 coasters with a 97 degree drop

Kingda ka is the highest at 450ft

Kingda ka has the farthest drop at 432ft

The second longest is 7,677ft long in the U.S

Top thrill dragster is the second fastest at 123mph

The farthest vertical drop is the Griffin at 205ft at 90degrees

Top thrill dragsters drop is 405ft

Top thrill dragster is 430 ft tall


Roller Coasters in Action

King Da KA Top Thrill Dragster


Roller Coaster are some of the most fun and exciting things in the world. I have been on countless coasters. This summer I went on Mind Eraser, and Batman. When your on roller coasters you have adrenaline running though you and it is so much fun.