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The Holy Grail

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The Holy Grail. By Pat Stapleton and Burhan Rakab. What is the Holy Grail?. A mythical artefact with many legends and stories surrounding it. Said to be able to conjure food and wine as well as have healing properties, grant miracles and immorality.

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the holy grail

The Holy Grail

By Pat Stapleton and Burhan Rakab

what is the holy grail
What is the Holy Grail?
  • A mythical artefact with many legends and stories surrounding it.
  • Said to be able to conjure food and wine as well as have healing properties, grant miracles and immorality.
  • The existence of this artefact is an absolute mystery and was never proved but there is some belief that it is out there.
  • In one legend it is said to have caught some of Jesus' blood after the crucifixion
holy grails appearance
Holy Grails’ Appearance
  • The shape of the Holy Grail isn't for certain, there are legends telling us its a plate, dish or cup.
  • The material of the Holy Grail is also not certain and it differs in every legend, it is usually told to be glass, ceramic, metal or even crystal.
history of the holy grail
History of The Holy Grail
  • Legends of the Holy Grail are believe to have been developed around the 12th and 13th century
  • The earliest stories of the Grail have been traced back to medieval Welsh and Irish literature as well as old Celtic myths but it is unclear who the original creators of the tales where.
  • The earliest legends of the Holy Grail where romance stories or about knights on quests to become heroes.
legends and use of the holy grail
Legends And Use of The Holy Grail
  • In legends the Grail is usually found by the hero who must be true of heart
  • Its said that the grail has healing properties, it can grant miracles and immorality.
  • The quest of the Holy Grail was considered to be the greatest adventure in the Arthurian legend
holy grail in the da vinci code
Holy Grail In The Da Vinci Code
  • In the book, Da Vinci Code the Holy Grail is believed to be Mary Magdalene who bores Jesus’ children
  • The Old French expression for the Holy Grail, San gréal, which literally means "royal blood" in Old French.
the last supper
The Last Supper
  • One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting where Jesus prophesised his betrayal
  • There is no solid evidence of the Holy Grail being in this painting
  • It is believed to be the cup that Jesus used in the painting
king arthurs and knight of the round table
King Arthurs and Knight of The Round Table
  • Usually displayed as a golden cup covered with many jewels
  • There are over 50 stories of king Arthur and the holy grail
  • At the Court of King Arthur, it was prophesied that the Grail would one day be rediscovered by a descendant of St. Joseph: the best knight in the land



King Arthur