an overview of production automation corporation p a c september 2008 n.
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An Overview of Production Automation Corporation (P.A.C.) September 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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An Overview of Production Automation Corporation (P.A.C.) September 2008

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An Overview of Production Automation Corporation (P.A.C.) September 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Overview of Production Automation Corporation (P.A.C.) September 2008
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  1. An Overview of Production Automation Corporation (P.A.C.)September 2008

  2. Our Mission – Provide Value to our Customers !! Best Price Best Products Product Knowledge Local Inventory Local Support

  3. About Production Automation : • Full Service Stocking Distributor • Manufacturer’s Representative • In Business 35 + Years (1973) • Experienced and Knowledgeable Salesmen • Tool Crib and VMI Programs • Outstanding Customer Service Group • Same Day Shipment from Local Warehouses • E-Commerce Website

  4. About Production Automation : We serve three primary Industries Electronics Assembly Medical Device Assembly Industrial and Light Manufacturing

  5. Production Supplies and Factory Furniture from Production Automation:

  6. Production Automation Manufacturer’s Representative Lines : Screen Printing Equipment and Stencil Supplier SMD Placement, PTH Insertion, and Board Conveyors AOI Equipment and X-Ray Equipment Reflow Ovens, Curing Ovens, Wave Solder Machines Adhesive Dispensers and Conformal Coating Machines

  7. Production Automation Manufacturer’s Representative Lines : Selective Soldering Equipment Wave Solder Fixtures, Wash Baskets, Feeder Carts 3D Solder Paste Measurement Equipment Smart Feeder Retrofit Kits and RFID Error Proofing

  8. Production Automation Manufacturer’s Representative Lines : Automatic Wire Strippers UV Spot Curing Equipment Humidification Systems for the Factory Red-E-Set Support Tooling for Printing and Placement Dry Cabinets and Nitrogen Storage

  9. Production Automation SMT or PTH Flow Lines: Bare Board loaders & PCB Conveyors Screen Printing Adhesive Dispensing SMD Placement Reflow or Curing Ovens Selective Soldering Wave Solder Thru Hole (PTH) Insertion AOI and X-Ray Inspection Under Fill and Conformal Coating Rework, Touchup, and Hand Soldering

  10. PAC Offers the best Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program VMI is a set of business practices and technologies that place the responsibility of managing the customer’s inventory levels on the vendor. PAC’s VMI Benefits Include: • Shorter lead-times • Improved delivery performance • Decreased stock-outs • Dramatically decreased inventory carrying costs for the customer • Higher service levels • A closer vendor / customer relationship • Increased information accessibility

  11. This is a full featured solution that can satisfy the requirements for several types of Inventory Management Programs, including: Inventory Control Vendor Managed Inventory Replenishment Inventory Consignment Beyond VMI – The PAC Collaborative Inventory Management (CIM) Program • PAC – Web based VMI

  12. The PAC Support Concept Example for our VMI and CIM customers: CraigStacey

  13. Production Automation Outside Sales Team: Mexico Martin Flores Antonio Hernandez West Coast Augustin Jimenez Paul Macelli Ed Donovan Jill Gorney Andres Jimenez • North • Curt Anderson • Jeff Benke • Steve Block • Marshall Canaday • Jay Martin • Isaac Spero South Jack Harris Johnie Cravey Puerto Rico / Dominican Republic Izzi Behar ** Average industry experience of the outside sales team is 12 Years

  14. Thank You ...