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  1. IMPROVING COAST WALK TRAIL Friends of Coast Walk Vision-Mission-Actions to Date

  2. Friends of Coast Walk Mission Our focus is on the safety and environmental preservation, restoration, and enhancements specifically for historic Coast Walk Trial that ensures continued use and enjoyment for the community today and in the future Goals: -Protect environmentally sensitive bluffs -Improve trail safety -Create an ongoing maintenance plan for Coast Walk Trail that manages the current fauna and foliage

  3. Torrey Pines State Park Provides Good Example of the Friends of Coast Walk’s Vision for Coast Walk Trail

  4. Problem Statement Continuous deterioration and current conditions of the Coast Walk Trail render the path unsafe and hazardous to the environment and public Immediate concerns: • Soil erosion along the walking path -Blocked storm water pipe creating large hole and exposed screws – not safe for walking (alternative people can use the road) -Large hole next to bridge covered with a steel plate -Continued erosion under plate impacting bridge (impassable) -The trail is getting more difficult to walk near Goldfish Point (no option to use an alternative) -Pedestrian safety on Coast Walk due to lack of use of trail • Invasive plant species damaging the trail and surrounding area creating fire hazard and further soil erosion -Devils slide (Arundo) -Ice plants (Hot and Tot) • General Repairs -Stairs -Bridge -Fencing

  5. Objectives: EROSION • Re-channel water runoff from streets, hillsides and housing from the trail • Restore the hillside to prevent further erosion • Secure trail from wind velocity and movement • Discuss and determine how and where the water runoff is coming from SAFETY • Improve walking trail to avoid pedestrian injuries • Minimize traffic to improve pedestrian safety • Improve hand rails for pedestrian safety • Remove the invasive Arundo as it is a fire hazard and shelters the homeless • Mid 80’s there was major fire on Devils Slide

  6. Friends of Coast Walk Actions Taken to Date • Contacted The City and walked the path with City Managers for possible options for improvement (May 2010) • Looked at improvement possibilities in/out of City Operating Budget • Learned the budget determines departmental responsibilities • Three City Departments have responsibilities for Coast Walk Trail • Streets • Park and Recreation • Storm water • Bridge was painted and light repairs done (June 2010) • Neighborhood forms Friends of Coast Walk to address deterioration concerns (November 2010) • Unblocking storm water pipe and trail restoration by parking area (May 2011) • Neighbors begin to collect signatures from the public in support of our improvement efforts (On going beginning Dec 2010 to present - see handout)

  7. Friends of Coast Walk Actions Taken to Date • Conducted an assessment of the soil and fauna by a professional environmental landscape expert – Craig Hooker/ • Conducted community clean up effort (June 2011) • City removed invasive Arundo • Create a planting restoration plan for Devils Slide and obtain proper permitting (July 2011) • Implemented planting plan (See next slide-August 2011) • Neighborhood forms Non-Profit 501(C) to collect funds for improvements along trail • Work with city Fire/Police to increase signage and improve the pedestrian safety (August 2011) • Coast Walk curbs painted • Improved pedestrian signage posted

  8. Received planting permit to replace Arundo that meets environmental requirements. Planting project is underway(July/August 2011) Extended planting plan in progress to continue planting efforts along Coast Walk Trail for soil erosion improvements (Jan 2012)

  9. Possible Projects(but not limited to…) • City Departmental Change of Responsibilities for Trail (From Streets to Parks) • Have Coast Walk Trail formally deemed a park • Environmental Impact Study for restoration • Address bluff sensitivity • Trail restoration • Landscape architect plan (from invasive to drought tolerant native plants i.e. Arundo removal) • Trail Restoration • Backfilling and leveling the trail with appropriate fill based on impact study • Implement fauna and foliage plan • Create maintenance plan and budget for ongoing maintenance and improvements

  10. Proposed Coast Walk Trail Repairs (but not limited to) DRAFT

  11. Next Steps • To meet with a cross functional group of City Managers to address safety items for Coast Walk Trail within the current City Operating Budget-short term • Continued Community clean up efforts to help pick up the current area of debris and trash • Conduct a clean effort with the neighbors and solicit help from the community • Working with Ester Viti from the La Jolla Village Beatification Committee • Move Coast Walk Trail from Street Department to full responsibility under Parks and Recreation • Formally deem Coast Walk Trail a park • Complete the 501(c) Non profit status for Friends of Coast Walk • Conduct first meeting Q4-2011