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Fundamentals of Printing PowerPoint Presentation
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Fundamentals of Printing

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Fundamentals of Printing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fundamentals of Printing
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  1. Fundamentals of Printing Four or Five Colour Printing Process Used to reproduce Photos or Artwork Your colour printer will possible have three colour cartridges and maybe five depending on the cost of the printer Single colour graphicsreproduction does not need the four colour process and can be produced using a specialist ink. Extra rollers can be added but best avioded because of the cost

  2. Printing Processes The different printing methods are Gravure Lithography Screen Flexography Letterpress Digital

  3. Flexography Flexographic presses are capable of producing good quality impressions on many different materials The least expensive and simplest of the printing processes used for decorating and packaging printing. • relatively simple operation • easily adapted to the use of water-based inks.

  4. Flexography

  5. Gravure Gravure printing is used for long run, high quality printing producing a sharp, fine image. • Food packaging • Wall paper • Wrapping paper • Furniture laminates • Paneling  • Greeting cards • Magazines

  6. Lithographic press will cost in the range of £50,000 cost of gravure press will be in the range of £500,000

  7. Screen Printing

  8. Screen Printing Machines

  9. Offset Lithographic Well suited for printing both text and illustrations in short to medium length runs of up to 1,000,000 impressions. General commercial printing Newspapers Books Business Forms Financial and Legal Documents

  10. Plates undergo chemical treatment that render the image area of the plate oleophilic (oil-loving) ink-receptive hydrophilic (water-loving) ink repellant

  11. Letterpress Potato Printing

  12. Digital Printing Recent development Work directly from electronic data and avoid the intermediate stage of films. Very cost effective for short runs. The quality is not yet up to lithography standards but is improving steadily and is adequate for many purposes

  13. Digital Printing