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  1. 1. FLEXIBILITY Changes Happen ….… increased partnership and alignment sometimes result in process slippages

  2. Gov Steer Group and TWG formed Consultation Draft Gov. Strategy Phase Two Jan- Feb April November 2005 Jan 2006 March 2006 Draft Gov. Strategy Phase One Consultation Draft Gov. Strategy Phase Two Final Consultation On CAS CPR Review Extended Period Final Consultation On CAS 1. MGDS PRSP II Development & Partnership Consultation CAS Alignment CT CASCR Discussion CAS Outcome Teams CT Launch CT Retreat CT Retreat 2. Country Team Consultation Donor – results & alignment 3. Building donor Partnerships and Paris Declaration Stronger Partnership Consultation Donor – results & alignment Donor meetings Donor meetings HIPC Completion Point Relevance of Rating given Extended time Final Review Upstream Review Board RBCAS CPR Review Draft CASCR Upstream Review Final Review Board RBCAS 4. Delivering Bank Products Final CASCR Final CASCR OED Eva Cap. Buil QAG CLA RM Donors OED CAE OED CAE Pov Assess, Pov Assess, 5. Aligning Related Inputs June

  3. 2. PARTNERSHIPS • Government (dialogue and trust leading to increased ownership for important reforms – outcome based PRS, Paris Declaration Baseline, leadership with donor community, etc.)All members of the Country Team (throughout process of PRS II development and in 2 outcome based teams)All donors – not just a select few (contributing to partnerships, joint CPR, etc.) – Resource picture, Analytical Work, Capacity Building Strategies)

  4. Challenges from the efforts • Challenge of inclusion versus quick delivery: • Changed at various stages – always multi-sector • breaking into smaller groups was necessary – two outcome groups, group on capacity building, • cross fertilization and customized information sharing was a main feature (CDRom, Websites, updates a meetings, linking discussions to CAS preparation process) 2. Bringing donors and Government to Paris principles • Outcome based alignment was a fuzzy concept with many donors (lending, AAA) • 2nd generation PRS – Outcome oriented • Increased government ownership over time through dialogue and baseline preparation • Now Government leading work to develop actions

  5. Final Critical Key There’s no limit to what you can achieve as long as you don’t give a damn who gets the credit' N. Mandela