the questioning board strategic thinking responsible compliance n.
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The Questioning Board strategic thinking - responsible compliance PowerPoint Presentation
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The Questioning Board strategic thinking - responsible compliance

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The Questioning Board strategic thinking - responsible compliance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Questioning Board strategic thinking - responsible compliance
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  1. The Questioning Boardstrategic thinking - responsible compliance John Little Australian Catholic University Centre for Research into Ethics and Decision-making in Organizations NOT Part of NEALS. This material is excluded from NEALS. Catholic School Governance Conference

  2. What preventsgrowth? What nurtures growth? Catholic School Governance Conference

  3. “The Good” The Person Achievement shared The structure of governance (and control) Value Trust Fact Choice The Ground Catholic School Governance Conference

  4. Questions ………. seeking answers choice Will I? beresponsible 4 yes, no Short answer ….. (maybe) Is it? be reasonable 3 explanation Long answer Why?, how? be intelligent 2 ………data Who?, what?, When?, where?.. be attentive 1 be open and driving Catholic School Governance Conference

  5. A new template of control: a dynamic structure walk Change - and control responsibility deciding what is true, real, fact / risk reason judging talk understanding, insight ideas, concepts intelligence imagining, perceiving Sense and memory. in touch…see, hear, feel.. 4 3 2 1 enquiry personal and invisible public wonder Catholic School Governance Conference

  6. Control as compliance 1. within self be responsible 2. with others be reasonable be intelligent be attentive be open Progress if compliance Decline if not Catholic School Governance Conference

  7. Some questions for self - inner compliance / integrity • do I walk the talk? • does my speech reflect blame or responsibility? • am I acting on what I judge to be correct? • have I asked all relevant questions in order to assent? • am I clear, accurate and complete in what I express? • do I understand? • have I got all the data? etc etc… be responsible be reasonable be intelligent be attentive be open • am I open? Catholic School Governance Conference

  8. choice The School: co-operating in 8 value-adding products board 5. Vision / mission / values 4. Positions be responsible 3. Facts / reality / risks / probabilities 6. Policy / strategy be reasonable 2. Opportunities / possibilities 7. Plan / capability be intelligent be attentive 8. Action on the ground Valued outcomes 1. Research be open Catholic School Governance Conference

  9. choice Some questions as a board member • are we in touch with the business? • do we understand the industry? • have we assessed our risks? • do we hold what is given to us in trust? • does our mission and vision reflect this? • do our policies and strategies reflect our values? • is our capability right? • are we on track - and what research / evidence backs this up? 5. Vision / mission / value 4. Positions 3. Facts / risks 6. Policy / strategy 2. Opportunities 7. Plan / capability 1. Research 8. Valued outcomes Catholic School Governance Conference

  10. The heart of the school: as “the willing” of.. bishop CEO principal & staff parents government children community • and reassured by: • attentive • intelligent • rational • responsible • stewardship • expressed by entrusting: • capital • resources • powers • values Values Rights & Responsibilities Catholic School Governance Conference

  11. fair dealings positive cash flow sustainability reputation fulfilling work safe workplace just wage quality education choice and opportunity job security professional development Catholic ethos orthodoxy Openness to transcendent reality Friendship Integrity Truth Beauty Achievement (in work and play) Life itself T Daly The ‘good’ in the willingis the school’s source of values The golden rule Personal good The sleep test personal social Particular goods Good order Values Rights & Responsibilities Catholic School Governance Conference

  12. On a board What stops one from asking questions? What helps one to ask questions? • fear • lack of knowledge • being put down in the past • intimidation by others • lack of interest • lack of engagement • specialist interest • pressure to decide and come to agreement • aggression • defensiveness of others • openness • encouragement • courage • protocols in place • reading board papers before meeting • preparation • time to reflect • reduce time pressure • relaxed style • acknowledge that no question is off the agenda - that all are acceptable • taking time to answer • valuing them Catholic School Governance Conference

  13. some excuses for not asking a question • I better not rock the boat • they will not understand • I am making a mountain out of a molehill • I will look a fool • this is not my area of expertise • who am I to say anything? • surely Bill will say something • the Catholic Ed Off is to blame • the bishop is not interested • this is not my business.. • I’ll just wait and see what happens Catholic School Governance Conference

  14. In conclusion - excellence into the future is promoted .. a questioning board ..which engages the heart, mind and hand of the school Catholic School Governance Conference