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The Course

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FOR 357/557. The Course. What is this course about?. The basic objective is to teach you how to use ArcGIS v9.x without making a fool of yourself. This is not as simple as it sounds!. Simple?. Software has ~1,500 commands, buttons, tools, etc.

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The Course

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FOR 357/557

The Course

what is this course about
What is this course about?

The basic objective

is to teach you

how to use ArcGIS v9.x

without making a fool of yourself

This is not as simple as it sounds!

  • Software has ~1,500 commands, buttons, tools, etc.
  • And you MUST understand some geographic theory
    • Projections, datums, etc.
    • Map Composition and symbolization
    • Analysis tools
what is gis arcgis
What is GIS, ArcGIS?
  • GIS: a database system that knows where to put stuff in space
  • That is pretty simple
  • It’s really more complex than that but it will do for now
  • A state of the art set of software
    • ArcCatalog – data management
    • ArcGIS – the working application
      • Load data
      • Organize it
      • Analyze it
      • Create a map layout
  • It is NOT the only GIS
  • There are many more
  • But it’s like Word – if you know Word it is pretty easy to figure out WordPerfect
  • In NY it is the system you are most likely to run into.
the class
The Class
  • The course is computer intensive!
  • Figure on 3-6 hrs per week
  • Computers crash and students (and professionals) screw up
  • Sometimes due to booby traps

The result of this is


expect it
Expect it!
  • Don’t sit there and keep doing the same thing over and over
  • Or going nuts trying other things
  • And let your subconscious work on it

Forwarned is


  • Class meets here (140 Baker)Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30
  • A Lab in 314 Baker immediately follows the Tuesday class
  • A second lab is Friday 1:50-4:50 in 309 Baker
  • The labs are essentially times when you know you can reach me or Mr. Acee, your TA.
  • You are NOT required to attend any lab and are free to attend either or both of them.
how the class works
How the Class works
  • There is 1 exam – on Oct 9th
  • There are many quizzes and the focus of them is on terminology and where tool are located in the ArcGIS interface
  • In other words – how you do things
  • There are weekly assignments …
  • Each week the following assignments are usually made
    • A module of or partial module in the ESRI on-line course Learning ArcGIS desktop 9.2
    • A no-hands-held assignment by me that reinforces what you learned in the ESRI module(s)
  • Each module has an “exam”
  • Your grade on each exam will be emailed to on the due date
  • The exercise by me (Class Exercise) is turned in on its due date and follows a specific format. Due dates are specified on the Schedule
  • You have roughly one week to complete these assignments
  • The main text is ESRI’s on-line course “Learning ArcGIS desktop 9.2”
  • It is free and instructions on how to create your ESRI campus password and the course password have been e-mailed TO YOUR ESF ASSIGNED E-MAIL ADDRESS
  • Get established in the virtual campus ASAP!
college assigned e mail
College assigned e-mail
  • It is very important that you use the e-mail address assigned by the registrar
  • It is the ONLY one I will use
  • It is very easy to forward mail from the SU account to the account you usually use – DO IT!
  • More later…
doing the on line course
Doing the on-line course
  • Method 1
    • You can do it by having two windows open on the computer
    • You then flip back & forth (and lose your place)
  • Method 2
    • Copy and paste lessons/exercises into Word
    • Print it – now you have a book
    • You put that next to the computer and check off what you do (and don’t lose your place)
course web resources
Course Web Resources
  • The schedule is the key to what is going on.
  • PowerPoints, exercises, etc. can all be downloaded – we hand out very little paper! (quizzes).
  • Notes – sources of information
  • Help at
the schedule
The Schedule
  • The course schedule is kept up to date on the web
  • You can expect changes in the schedule as we work through it so don’t bother to print it!
  • Where is it?
  • ?
where are the rules
Where are the rules?
  • On the course Syllabus

  • Course descriptions
  • Grading rules
  • Rules about handing stuff in
  • Etc.


Note: The only paper handed out in this class is a) Quizzes and b) Grade reports. Everything else is on the web!

forwarding e mail
Forwarding e-mail
  • If you don’t want to use your e-mail assigned to you by the College THEN REDIRECT (FORWARD) MAIL to it to the account you usually use
  • Go to:

It's easy!

So just do it!


Questions about

Course Operation