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Channel Activation – Roku link code PowerPoint Presentation
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Channel Activation – Roku link code

Channel Activation – Roku link code

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Channel Activation – Roku link code

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  1. Channel Activation Roku link code

  2. How to perform Channel Activation – Roku link code • The channel activation is an easy process, assuming that you have already activated your devices with a Roku link codeasit hardly takes a few minutes. Otherwise, before you add the channel, activate your Roku device first. To most Roku devices, the activation process is more or less similar. However, in terms of their features and specifications, these models are different from one another. Moreover, to begin the activation, you need a link account.

  3. Steps for account creation • Open the Roku com website • This must be done from another device and not the Roku • Now, create a new account • You may need to provide your personal details • Apart from which, for this process, also provide payment info • For your com link account, it is mandatory to set a PIN

  4. Steps for device activation • Once you have created an account, move on to device activation • To an account, you have to link your device • The content displayed on your device is managed by this account • So, link the device using the Roku link code • Obtain the code from your TV’s display screen before you begin • And then, use it for activation.

  5. Steps for channel activation • On your recently activated device open the home screen menu • Open the streaming channels menu • Officially available from Roku, it contains a list of all channels • Search for and add the channel of your choice • And in case the channel supports it, activate the live stream feature

  6. After completing the channel activation, you will be now able to stream your favorite content be it live TV, news updates, sports or entertainment. Roku also allows users to customize their screen saver settings and there are several apps that support this feature. To know more on these topics, call the Roku support team at our toll-free number +1-866-991-7870.