how to set up my roku and activate roku com link n.
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Complete guidance to activate & setup If Unable to find Roku activation code to activating account, You may take info at We are here only for providing you best and reliable service. Visit at

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how to set up my roku and activate roku com link

How To Set up My Roku and


How to set up my Roku and activate If you bought a

new Roku player for your sweet home and don’t know how to fix it?

Then this article will help you to get your Roku activated instantly! To

activate Roku, need to undergo few basic steps and need of little

concentration while choosing up network and connection sets.

Generally people got stuck in selecting connections as they don’t aware

about the technical aspects. So remember these steps when installing

Roku media player

step 1 think which connection set is most

Step 1:- Think which connection set is most suitable for you, Basically,

there will be three options of connecting in every device HDMI,

Composite, and component. HDMI having the capacity to carry both

video and audio signals because it can carry 1080p HD video playback

on Roku players. Composite needs analog digital connection to carry

data while component capacity is up to 720p HD but it requires

separate audio connection.

Step 2:-Select your Network- Now network can be either wired or

wireless. Suppose if you select wired network then you simply need to

add through Standard Ethernet Cable. But if the network is wireless

then simply put your respective network name with security password.

step 3 1 remember the second step and connect

Step 3:- 1. Remember the second step and connect your device with

wireless or wired network (whatever chosen). In wired network:- Plug

one end of your device Ethernet Network Cable to the Ethernet port

2. In wireless Network: Before getting connected, add your network

name and security password.

Step 4:-Select final network connection- At this stage, you will get the

option of choosing network. If you have selected Wireless network then

Roku after receiving your command Roku will download all the updated

software and again reboot.

step 6 complete all the guidelines flashing

Step 6:- Complete all the guidelines flashing on your screen- After

completion of all the instructions, Roku will be refresh and display a

congratulation screen. At the end you can see a roku activation code on

your TV screen.

Now go to and put this code into here. You required

creating a new account on roku, going to register option and register

for your roku account and login it. After login your account you can

activate number of Roku channels & apps on your TV screen.

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