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Nobel MS Drum line Class. Mr. Espinosa. Winter Drum line Competitions. Required to buy. Marching Sticks They are much thicker Than regular drum sticks Price $8 to $25. Metronome They range in price of $20 - $100. Recommended. Drum Pad Price range from $22 - $80.

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Required to buy
Required to buy

Marching Sticks

They are much thicker

Than regular drum sticks

Price $8 to $25


They range in price of

$20 - $100


Drum Pad

Price range from

$22 - $80

Where can i buy this stuff
Where can I buy this stuff?

  • List of local music stores

  • Guitar Merchant All listed music stores sell supplies

  • 7503 Topanga Cyn. Blvd. for Mr. Espinosa’s Classes.

  • Canoga Park, Ca. 91303

  • (818) 884-5905

  • Canoga School of Music

  • 7243 Canoga Ave.

  • Canoga Park, Ca. 91303

  • (818) 340-4021

  • Sam Ash Music

  • 20934 Roscoe Blvd.

  • Canoga Park, Ca. 91304

  • (818) 709-5650

  • Cassell’s Music

  • 901. N. Maclay Ave.

  • San Fernando, Ca. 91340

  • (818) 365-9247

  • Hendrick’s Music

  • 2040 N. Glenoaks Blvd. ste. G

  • San Fernando, Ca. 91340

  • (818) 361-9330

  • Baxter Northrup Music

  • 14534 Ventura Blvd.

  • Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91403

  • (818) 788-7510

Daily class procedures

Set Up:

Be in seat when bell rings

Set up instrument, music stand, etc… in 5 minutes

Warm-ups (varies on how many we have learned)

Lesson (learning time)

Rehearsal (going over it as a class)

Clean Up

Put instruments away in proper places

Put music stands away properly

Straighten up chairs and room

Sit in assigned seats until Mr. Espinosa dismisses the class

Daily Class procedures

Commitment to the drumline
Commitment to the Drumline

  • This class is designed as a performance class. If you choose to participate in the winter drumline season, you MUST commit! This means all practices, rehearsals, performances! Since we are competing against other middle schools and representing Nobel, I expect the same commitment to excellence as in your academic classes. These are all part of your grade. Saturdays rehearsals and performances are mandatory.


Grading Scale: 100% to 90% = A

89% to 80 % = B

79% to 70% = C

69% to 60% = D

59% and below is a FAIL

Grade points: Performance Tests = 100 points

Written Tests = 100 points

Performing Concerts = 500 points each date TBA

Daily Participation = 10 points

Homework (Practice logs) = 20 points per week


Tests and make ups

In addition to written tests, there will be playing tests.

During the playing test the student will be graded on:

Note accuracy

Rhythmic accuracy

Playing posture

Instrument position

If a test is missed, it can be made up within one week of the students' return to class. This make up must be done on the student's own time (before school, during nutrition or lunch, or after school) not during a passing period or at the beginning or end of class. If the student is not satisfied with a grade, the test can be retaken as many times as necessary within one week to raise that grade to a B. An "A" may only be achieved on the initial attempt at the test.

Tests and make-ups

Work habits cooperation grade

The work habits grade includes:

Posture, (sitting up straight, feet flat on the floor!)

Punctuality, (getting to class on time)

Promptness in preparation for rehearsal (getting stand, chair and instrument out in an orderly and prompt fashion).

The cooperation grade includes:

The cooperation grade is based on a point system.

I will award the students 10 points a day.

If the student has good work habits and contributes to the progress of the rehearsal by not talking, participating and listening to instruction, then the student will keep the 50 points a week.

However, if the student breaks any of the classroom rules a point will be deducted for every offense cited.

Points will be tallied up after each grading period and E's, S's and U's will be given out accordingly.

Points cannot be made up! If a student is disciplined for disrupting a rehearsal more than once in a week, he or she will receive a "U" cooperation for the entire grading period.

Work Habits & Cooperation Grade

Classroom rules
Classroom Rules

  • You may talk only when permitted by teacher.

  • You may not throw objects of any kind.*

  • You may not eat candy, food, and chew gum or drink liquids in the music classroom.*

  • You may only touch the instrument that is assigned to you.

  • You may only practice or perform on your instrument; No mistreating the instruments.

  • You are to respect others, especially their right to learn.*

  • The teacher, not by the bell will dismiss you from the class.*

  • Be seated before the tardy bell rings.*

  • Come prepared to class.*

  • Keep the music room clean and orderly. (Straighten chairs and put stands away)

  • * = Nobel School Rules

Don’t forget to print out this page and return the tear-off signed by you and your parents. You will not be allowed to participate in class without one!

  • I have read and understand the rules and expectations of Mr. Espinosa’s music class. I will be responsible and treat my instrument with care. If it should break, please inform Mr. Espinosa immediately so that he can recommend what needs to be done.


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