welcome to 8 1 writing n.
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Welcome to 8-1 writing!

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Welcome to 8-1 writing! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 8-1 writing!. Find your name on a desk and have a seat. (Hint: The names are alphabetical by last name, beginning at the door.). Class Motto: “ You are the author of your own life story.”.

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welcome to 8 1 writing

Welcome to 8-1 writing!

Find your name on a desk and have a seat.

(Hint: The names are alphabetical by last name, beginning at the door.)

class motto you are the author of your own life story

Class Motto: “You are the author of your own life story.”

Our goal is for each and every student to become a better, more enthusiastic writer. You can only do this if you keep a positive attitude, use the tools and techniques you learn in this class, and be respectful and cooperative with the teacher and other students.

always have

Always Have:

I.D. (visible, where it can be seen)

Pen or pencil (a personal sharpener is also a very good idea!)

Composition book for journaling (It will stay in class.)

Personal book for reading



Notebook paper

Pocket dividers or folder for each class

reward system
  • You will staple a page of “tickets” into your agenda at the beginning of each six weeks. Each teacher will place additional stamps on your ticket page as rewards for exceptional behavior, and these will be taken away for tardies, restroom or locker visits, behavior issues, etc. At the end of each six weeks, you can use your ticket page to purchase entry into our team party. (Please see the “Reward System” parent letter for more details.)
tardies restroom locker
Tardies Restroom/Locker
  • You will be counted tardy if you are not in class when the bell rings. Each tardy will cost you one ticket and result in a 5-minute lunch detention.
  • You are given 3-4 minute breaks every 45 minutes of the school day so that you can go to the restroom and your locker. Class time is not to be used for locker or restroom visits. Each time you have to leave the classroom will cost you one ticket.
daily 30 quizzes 30 major 40

Grade Percentages

Daily: 30%Quizzes: 30%Major: 40%

Daily = Classwork/Homework

Quizzes = Short Tests

Major = Big Tests, Papers, & Projects

if you are lucky enough to finish your work early you will be rewarded with


If you are lucky enough to finish your work early, you will be rewarded with:

1) Free Writing (you will have your personal journal available for this)

2) Free Reading (you will have your personal book with you at all times)

late work just don t do it
LATE WORK (just don’t do it)
  • Remember that your parents/guardians can see your grades online. Grades are updated regularly, and if you do not have your work turned in, you will have ZEROS.
  • All assignments must be turned in by the end of each grading period (progress reports and report cards), meaning that if something was due BEFORE progress reports were issued, IT MAY NOT BE TURNED IN AFTER PROGRESS REPORTS.
  • The only exception to this is if you have an unexcused absence; you will be given the number of days you were out, plus one extra day to complete your assignments. For example, if you are absent two days, you will have three days to turn in the work you missed.
be ready be respectful be responsible



Be ReadyBe RespectfulBe Responsible

Speak politely to everyone.

Give your attention while others are speaking.

Be in class with all materials when the bell rings.

Turn in your best work on time.

Follow all school rules.