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Nebraska Department of Education

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Nebraska Department of Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nebraska Department of Education
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  1. NebraskaDepartment of Education Going Global

  2. Bringing the World toNebraska Businesses

  3. International Education empowers people to interact in the global community. What is International Education? – Nebraska Council of International Education

  4. Globalization is rapidly driving demand for an internationally competent work force.

  5. We will need tothink beyond our borders to: Compete Connect Cooperate Communicate Why Does It Matter?

  6. Nebraska employers are searching for individuals with . . . The Global Economic Community

  7. . . . the necessary cultural understanding, technical skills, and linguistic knowledge of the global community to work effectively with businesses around the world.

  8. Nebraska exporterssell to about 180 countriesworldwide each year. – NE Department of Economic Development

  9. Nebraska’s exports totaled over$3.6 billion in 2006, representing a 20.7% increase over 2005. – NE Department of Economic Development

  10. Name the Fortune 500 Companies in Nebraska • Berkshire Hathaway • Union Pacific • ConAgra Foods • Peter Kiewit Sons • Mutual of Omaha

  11. Name the Fortune 1000Companies in Nebraska • Ameritrade • Cabela's • West • Werner Enterprises • Valmont Industries

  12. Nebraska’s Top Commodity Exports, 2008

  13. Top Countries for Nebraska Exports

  14. Our economies and currencies are tied to one another Environmental and health issues reverberate around the world in seconds Technology is an accelerator of this increasing interconnectedness Migration and immigration are creating more culturally and linguistically diverse societies Our LivesAre Going Global

  15. What DoYou Know About the World?

  16. Which of the following is not true about the French? a) Punctuality is treated very casually b) Frequently interrupt each other c) Avoid drinking hard liquor before meals d) Men take off their jackets in the office Do You Know? d) Men take off their jackets in the office

  17. How many time zones does China have? a) One b) Two c) Three d) Five Do You Know? a) One

  18. In Italy, which gesture may be considered vulgar and offensive? a) Quick downward nod b) Hand clap c) Thumbs up d) Broad smile Do You Know? c) Thumbs up

  19. In Brazil, what percent of the population is under 20 years of age? a) Almost 25% b) Almost 33% c) Almost 40% d) Almost 50% Do You Know? d) Almost 50%

  20. In India, what should you not do at the end of a meal? a) Thank your host b) Fold your napkin c) Remove your jacket d) Tell a joke Do You Know? a) Thank your host

  21. What would be an appropriate gift in Japan? a) Set of 4 porcelain saki cups b) Book c) Engraved letter opener d) Food or liquor Do You Know? d) Food or liquor

  22. Which gift is harmless in Britain, but a symbol of death in China? a) Jewelry b) Clock c) Silver trophy d) Pet cat Do You Know? b) Clock

  23. In which country would a gift not be expected at a business meeting? a) Russia b) China c) Pakistan d) Bolivia Do You Know? c) Pakistan

  24. 8 Correct – 7 Correct – 6 Correct – 5 Correct – < 4 Correct – How Did You Do? Global genius Global competency On the bubble Hire a guide Travel at own risk

  25. We now live and work in a far different world than the one that the previous generation encountered.

  26. In the United States, most people will likely enter the workforce without the knowledge and skillsto engage in the worldeffectively and responsibly.

  27. Knowledge and understanding of world regions, cultures, and global issues Attitudes of respect and concern for people and their cultures Skills to communicate and participatein diverse world cultures Preparing fora Diverse World . . .

  28. Necessary Skillsfor the Workforce: • Be sensitive to various world cultures • Be fluent in world languages • Understand international trade • Demonstrate global technologies • Work in international teams

  29. Jobs Will Encompass: • Selling to other countries • Buying from other countries • Working for international companies • Managing employees from other cultures and countries

  30. Succeeding in an InternationalBusiness Environment • DevelopingGlobal Intelligence Successfully navigating through the complexities of international relationship-building

  31. Succeeding in an InternationalBusiness Environment Improving cultural awareness helps build international competencies and enables individuals to become more globally sensitive.

  32. Know Before You Go. . . • What is the business structure? • Size of company • Relationships between companies • Decision-making hierarchy

  33. Know Before You Go. . . • What is the management style? • Relationships • Ethics • Hierarchy • Teamwork

  34. Know Before You Go. . . • What is the communication style? • Language knowledge & understanding • Interpreter services • Cultural understanding • Dangers of misunderstanding • Consequences of miscommunication

  35. Know Before You Go. . . • What is appropriate etiquette? • Greetings • Dress code • Gift giving • Business cards • Dining/Entertaining

  36. OnlineResources

  37. World Business globalEDGE™ Intl Business NDE International

  38. It’s a whole new world! Be prepared.