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Why stage a Festival? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why stage a Festival?

Why stage a Festival?

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Why stage a Festival?

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  1. Why stage a Festival? …a sporting event provides a chance to share a detailed, authentic experience of a host nation. …to bring to life the essence of the local culture in a way that an advertising campaign never can. Future Brand Country Brand Index Report 2009

  2. REAL New Zealand Festival Biggest Festival ever staged in New Zealand and a Rugby World Cup first Showcases New Zealand and New Zealanders, our stories, who we are and what’s important to us Unforgettable experiences for New Zealanders and overseas visitors in every corner of the country Reasons to follow the Rugby the long way round

  3. What Makes it REAL? A festival of Rugby. A festival of a country. The REAL New Zealand Festival. Comes from New Zealand communities New Zealanders presenting events and experiences they choose for their region, area or community

  4. REAL New Zealand Festival Broad Programme On and off the field: Rugby is in our DNA Wine and food; our industries and innovations Our arts; our music; our cultures Fanzones sit at the heart of a city’s festival 600 events confirmed so far with 1,000 events and experiences by Tournament time

  5. REAL New Zealand Festival Engaging the nation Beyond the 11 Match cities and 22 Host cities with events in around 50 towns and cities Working with independent producers, event organisers, and small and large organisations including New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, NZ Rugby Union, World of WearableArt

  6. REAL New Zealand Festival For everyone – whether they’re following the Rugby or not! RWC 2011 visitors from overseas – 85,000+ Non-Rugby international visitors New Zealanders following the Rugby New Zealanders keen to be part of the fun but not attending New Zealanders staying home

  7. REAL New Zealand Festival Taking the long way round 45 days from start of Tournament to Finals 25 days of matches – plenty of time in between to see more, discover more and experience REAL New Zealand Encouraging everyone to ‘take the long way round’ Urging New Zealanders to travel to – and stop in at – places they haven’t been to before

  8. REAL New Zealand Festival Mapping Your Trip Follow a team, Australia for example First games in Auckland and Wellington Time to explore Marlborough/Nelson (Indulge Marlborough on Sept 30) ahead of game in Nelson (Oct 1) Explore more in Marlborough / Nelson / Wellington before Quarter Finals Trip planner on website helps with itinerary ideas

  9. REAL New Zealand Festival Part of NZ 2011 Showcases New Zealand’s uniqueness through the REAL New Zealand Festival the REAL New Zealand Showcase NZ 2011 Business Club Community Engagement

  10. September – October 2011 Follow the Rugby the long way